Matters of length.


My last blog ended abruptly on a a matter of great importance, Sorry folks for that. But since then I have been thinking about the importance of length of your upper and lower separates in defining how you look.

What I mean by this is that even if you maybe able to carry any look with ease but their are certain clothes which need length to make them look elegant, especially for women my age (30 plus). So a longer dress slightly below knees),longer kurta, maxi dresses ,sarees all will  make make slimmer and taller.

Source :

So as you can see that Kim looks more slim and slender in the first picture than in the second even so she is sexy in any avatar. It just shows that what the length of your dress does to your silhouette.


Above is an example of changing profiles with changing lengths of your dress. Juhi looks definitely more elegant in the first picture.


As you can see a longer silhouette does make you look slimmer. But that does not mean that short dresses are out. Of course one can wear anything so long you have the confidence to carry it.  For shorter dresses the fabric of the dress matters. Again a fine flowy fabric is a better choice than thick frumpy fabrics for shorter dresses.


So dearies short is not always sweet. Use your commonsense and a complete understanding of your body to decide what looks good on you.

Lookout for my next blog on colour play in your wardrobe.

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