Quick Fashion Fixes


Now that is such a necessity! Today, after work and after scrubbing my face off all the layers of makeup , as I was looking forward to my laid back evening, my son came up with an idea of walking down to the nearest Subway for dinner. One look at my disheveled hair and a tired drawn face ,I developed cold feet. But no ,I had to go along with him. Thankfully I have a list of quick fashion fixes that I am going to share with you all.


A hurried morning is so common especially with us working mothers. Top that with an insane passion to look your best and there arises the need of these simple fashion fixes.

  1. Keep a dry shampoo on your dressing table always.
  2. A good face wash with a scrub that can be routinely used and should rest in bathroom cabinet.
  3. You can skip the foundation if in a hurry and use just a quality compact powder to even out your skin tone.
  4. Applying eye liner is time consuming so just go ahead with a nice kajal on inside of the lower lid to counter your dark circles.
  5. Apply a lip gloss.
  6. Tie a pony or a top knot if you don’t have time to style your hair.
  7. Skip the earrings and just accessorize with a nice watch, a slip on cuff . I also have a slip on silver necklace always ready in my drawer which I put on in a jiffy. You can have golden accessories also but I am partial to silver as it is good both for mornings and evenings.
  8. Nude slippers and a nude bag should always be handy . If you have nude ballerinas it even better as then you can hide untidy feet and chipped nail-paint. As for the bag I generally prefer a multicolored bag.






Everything I talked about above holds good for the evening also except for the following.

  1. Apply a bright orange or red lipstick.
  2. The kajal should be darker.
  3. Carry a black  or a silver clutch.

Remember these tips are not for parties and formal dinners.



I  sincerely hope that all this was useful to you all.


Happy fixing! xo


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