Fashionista on the go!


I love to travel. As you all know I have a day job (I am a doctor,professor teaching in a medical college) and I have kids. So I am generally short of time.  Travelling for leisure frequently means besides clothes you also have to be neat , manicured and and so called maintained at all times. Here I am going to list a few items that I always have ready in a travelling kit. So here goes…

  1. An eyebrow plucker.

2. Plain / magnifying  looking make up mirror.

It is a great help when plucking your brows or touching up your makeup.

3.Nail filer.

4.Foot scraper

To maintain your feet after those long walks.

5. A Razor.

Yes you got me right. It is really embarrassing to find out that you have hair on your arms , legs etc. especially like me if you      are practically blind without spectacles.It helps that they  in lovely colors especially for women.

6. Nasal hair trimmer.

One of the most useful gadget I have bought.

6. Walking shoes.

Though not a part of the grooming kit , it deserves a mention in your travelling must haves.

I think I don’t need to explain that. Walk your way to fitness after binging on the amazing food. If travelling by train I used to      get down at stations and walk up and down the platform in case the halt was for 10 minutes or more.

Add to this, quick fashion fixes ,as mentioned in my earlier post of the same  name and there you are.

Happy travelling.

So thats my list. Feel free to add to it.

Waiting for your inputs.


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