All about Hands and Feet.


Ah …gotcha! Hands and feet on a fashion blog? You got me right. I don’t know whether its with me only ,but I do judge a person by his/her hands and feet. You cannot change what you are born with but you sure can maintain it. For me a major turn off is unfiled nails, dry rough skin, hairy arms ,chipped nail paint and dry cracked feet. Refer to my post ”Neatness in Fashion”. Most of us just focus on the face ( some even forget the neck).

It is not essential you go for an expensive mani or pedi. There are so many quick home fixes for this.First the basics.


This the first step. Nicely clean your hands and feet while bathing. Dry them on a soft towel. Make sure your feet are dry before you wear shoes. Change  your socks everyday. Clean insoles frequently if you wear them. Insoles absorb sweat and are a cause of feet odor.

Use a foot scraper.

Using a footscraper  or a pumice stone is a daily ritual for me while taking a bath. Scrub away the dead skin for great looking feet.


Moisturize your hands, feet, arms and legs right after a bath. Nothing is more unsightly than dryness on your hands and feet. Check for dryness by lightly scratching skin on your arm. If you see a  white line it means your skin is dry.

Invest in a good hand and body moisturizer. Carry a small pack with you to use whenever your hands and feet look dry.

 Manicure and pedicure .

A regular manicure and pedicure is a must. But if you are always short of time , buy a manicure and pedicure kit. I always prefer to do my own mani and pedi as I had contracted a fungal infection from a pedicure  I had got done from a very happening parlor. Trust me, these fungal infections last a lifetime and are so troublesome.

I even carry a nail file with me so that I can fix my nails if they chip. Keep nails short and slightly rounded. You can use nail extensions when going for a party.

Nail Paint.

Apply a neat coat of your favorite nail paint. Remember pastels last longer and are easy to touch up on a daily basis.They also look good at work unless you are working at a fashion house.

My personal favorite is nude beige for work.

So look after your hands and feet with these simple tips and look neat and chic.


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