Tomboy Chic.


Comfortable fashion is what I always root for. On top of that if its chic,classy and easy to put together,it is absolutely great.Here I am talking about Tomboy Chic.

Raid your brothers or boyfriends wardrobe for key pieces.

SHIRTS. Be it checks, stripes or plain, guy’s shirts have a nice feel to them. Wear them open buttoned with a vest or tie the loose ends in a knot for that interesting look.

OVERSIZED DENIMS. These look amazing provided you hold them up with nice broad belts.

SHOES. Go all manly with Brogues and Lace-ups.

 WATCHES. Have to be big and bold .

GRAPHIC TIES.  Give a nice quirky look.

PERFUMES. Wear a manly scent to go all the way.

SURPRISE ELEMENT. Wear cuff links if you dare.

SUNGLASSES. Steal his sunglasses. It helps that oversized glasses are in vogue too.

So this season be different and comfortable in androgynous clothing.

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