A fucked up world.


It is too hard to be good always. Sometimes people just push their attitude in your face. How long does one endure.How long does one put up a smiling face. Want to chuck it all up.Want to say….”Balls to you”.Some people are so damn opinionated, that you want to give a tight hard slap across their stubborn face. What gives anybody a right to dictate terms to anyone. How can somebody be so rude, that his/her words can pierce your heart like a dagger. Dont you just want to strangle them!

I feel strange that some people just want to dominate your life.They are so fucked up in their own thoughts and sensibilities,  that they don’t seem to think that the other person has a mind of his own.Screw such people.

I know, this coming from me must seem weird. Even though I try,but some people bring out the worst in me. No,I don’t harm them,I can’t, because they maybe a part of my life,an important part. But I can complain…and thats what I am doing.

Its a fucked up world out there ,and I sometimes don’t want to be a part of it.

Hate these insensitive people.


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