Happiness from blogging.


Time and  again  I think bout blogging. I think all of us do. My major concern sometimes is my reason for blogging. I love writing. I love that blogging has no rules attached . l feel liberated when I write bout anything under the sun,without giving a damn.But the only thing is that I am obsessed about it. If I am busy the whole day and if I don’t get the time to check out my blog reader, I become so impatient.

My family feels I am putting so much time and effort into blogging unnecessarily. People also say that I blog at the expense of my relationship time. I would not lie that sometimes this thought also crosses my mind. What am I going to again from blogging. Do I want money, fame, happiness, friends or catharsis?


This above post dded fuel to the fire. But I absolutely loved it.

I am confused. Do tell me if you have some other expectations from blogging other than,  creative satisfaction or happiness. Or do you also think, that I am wasting my time.

By the time I finished writing this post, I have answered my question… Happiness it is!

Still I would love some of your viewpoints.



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  1. Personally I want to have my own footprint on the internet, after all, isn’t that what the internet was made for, to share our side of things? Anything else that comes out of it: connections, fame, money, or even helping someone out is a bonus.

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  2. Many people blog for a business, and I have thought about it, but what would I do? The only thing I would be consistent at is writing…and I am writing books, which I will eventually introduce on my blog, but in reality, I agree with you…it brings me happiness to blog, to write, to communicate in ways that I am sometimes inhibited by as a result of my strokes. It makes me happy!

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