My Very Own Rainbow


Every morning when I get up, the first thought that comes to my mind is :What am I excited about today? What is it I am looking forward to? Today being a Saturday, I had more time to make myself realise that there are a lot of things that bring happiness and color to my life. So, what makes my rainbow?

The feeling that I am alive. The realization that I am alive is a beautiful feeling in itself.

I feel I am lucky to be able to have ample food on my table.

I have a family, that loves me and looks after me. I am their world and they are mine.

I have a warm cosy home.

Now on a day to day basis there are small things that make my day. Here follows:

1) What I am going to wear that day. I love to pick up clothes and accessories on a daily basis from my wardrobe and dress according to my mood.

2) Blogging. From the moment I wake up I start thinking about what I am going to post on mt blog. Tha daily photo challenges and various other creative writing prompts make me blissfully busy.

3) Talking on the phone with my sisters. It is the ultimate relaxation.

4)Online surfing for interesting deals on clothes ,handbags and accessories is fun.

5) Waiting to watch my favorite TV shows is great too. The ones that I love are: ”Desperate Housewives”,”Modern Family”, ”Grey’s Anatomy” and any episode of ”Friends”.

6)  Planning for any upcoming event like a marriage or an anniversary ,festival in the family. We also keep planning short vacations from time to time to keep up the excitement.

So, life is not bad! It is up to you to create your own rainbow.


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