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Talking of Gods



Beautiful sculptures at a hilltop in Kodaikanal.


Shimmer Jackets


That is the bestest thing ever. Though I myself don’t wear short jackets ,I love picking them up for my daughter. Here she is wearing two blingy jackets that I picked up from Hong Kong. While the white one can be worn during the day and for evening dinners, the grey one is a beauty full of bling. This is a perfect choice for winter clubbing. The gold chain detailing and gold buttons on the grey one,is out of the world.



Go for it girl !

Black and White Scarf.


Hi folks ! Winter time is all about wrapping yourself in layers. What better than a scarf. I have already talked about adding drama by wearing black and white. I am a huge fan of this combination, as it adds a lot of drama instantly. Here is my favorite black and white scarf. It can be worn with an all black outfit.

white scarf

black scarf

Bright lips and nails complete the look.




You can add a lot of drama by doing up your eyes. There are a whole lot of options. Even during the daytime we can emphasize the eyes by so many ways. Here  I tell you how to do up eyes for a day out.

Day make up means you have to go light on everything you wear.  This I am talking about when you are going for work, and don’t want to overdo makeup.


This is the key for day eye makeup.. Invest in a good kajal pencil.

Kajal looks best when applied inside of the lower lid. Be sure to go from corner to corner. Incomplete kajal looks untidy.

Apply a smudge free kajal.


Again, use a good eyeliner with a good brush. There is no need to invest in a very expensive brand. I for instance use Revlon Street Wear eyeliner.

I am a huge fan of liquid eyeliner as compared to the gel one.

It adds a nice shine to the eyelids.

You can apply a basic style or a slight winged eye style, also known as the cat eye. Do not overdo the cat eye style for a day look.


People generally think that mascara is an evening thing.But no. Nothing opens the eyes wide more than a double coat of mascara.

For a day look, there is no need for eyeshadow or shimmer.

You can even skip the eyeliner.

So, go enjoy your day look and make heads turn.

Nude shoes in winter


Now that winter is here, it is a must to keep your feet warm. My all time, all season color is nude. As I am all for comfortable fashion, I like to wear nice comfortable flats in winter. The nude color goes with all outfits, so it is comfortable as one does not have to change shoes with all outfits.Especially now when you don’t need to wear socks.

Here are some of my picks for this season.

Women's Fall/Winter Fashion Buckle Short Boots


Cross Sling Bags.


There are a plethora of bags in the market for us women. What I want in a bag as a working women is comfort, good looks, good compartmentalization and good quality. With we women being on the move all the time and with our habit of multitasking, it becomes important to have a good bag.

I have recently discovered the importance and utility of a cross sling bag. It is a variant of the age old messenger bag, albeit with more style.

I love the ones with tassels, as they look extremely stylish.

You can also opt for printed ones to add color to a monochrome outfit.