Why Me God?




Positivity…it is infectious. I do need a dose off and on.

So, here it is.

Have you ever asked God why he gave you a normal vision, functioning limbs, enough food on the table or a loving family?

I bet not. You must have simply thanked him for all the goodies and then carried on with your life as if you have a right to own those things.

But yes…come bad health, chronic illness, heart break or even a bad day at work. We take no time in asking God...”Why Me”?

You rant off to family and friends how life has been unfair.You blame Him for the misery that has been inflicted upon you.And you blame your damn luck each and every time.

But take a minute out to see the homeless beggar on the street, the naked child sitting on the sidewalk and that paraplegic on the wheel chair. That is tough. I see many a poor soul on the steps of the temple, praying to God…thanking him for just life.

So thank Him for the sun, the moon and the beautiful life bestowed upon us.




Have a positive Wednesday!

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