Monthly Archives: April 2020

the new normal


forget the past

be prepared for the future

embrace the new normal

changing love… haiku


changing times

is the definition of love

changing too?

rain dance


summer sun go away

let the clouds bring rain

waiting for the rain dance

lockdown sanity


The gritty grasp of concrete

The roar of city life

The white noise all around

That drowned nature’s voice

Nature has halted the human race

Told them to stop and think

It has called out to them

Pushing them to the brink

I have started to like the present

I have started to breathe again

The blue skies, the white clouds

Are now keeping me sane

murder of crows


on the concrete roof

engrossed in conversation

a murder of crows

warm breath… cold heart


the breath is warm

but the heart is cold …still

the bodies unite