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Ah! How I love my fifties

My looks are good enough for me


I don’t need male glances

To tell me

I am beautiful

a new world


to travel alone

to a far off destination

is my dream

for even

I don’t know

who I will be

and what would be my actions

with no one to hold me back


I won’t be a mother, daughter, sister

but just a random free soul

out to explore the

new world

approval… haiku


late night, unsettled

me active on social media

looking for approval?

unspoken words …


ah! that love

of silent unspoken words

that speaks volumes

five years….


I have been blogging for 5 years now!!! Thanks WordPress for reminding me. What has changed in the last 5 years???

I have started knowing so many of you… it has been a wonderful journey of introspection and self realisation . It has been great and I thank my followers, the bloggers who have liked my posts and encouraging me to go on and all others who have visited my site.

I love you all😘😘