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Slouchy,voluminous and asymmetric is the way to go.


Winter is just around the corner and I decided to upgrade my winter capsule wardrobe. Here is what I found about the latest trend in winter wear.

Slouchy is in.

Gone are the fitted silhouettes. Now you can be super comfortable in these slouchy coats.Think cape coats,drapes, shawls,woolen ponchos.

Go voluminous.

A nice trend as it helps to layer and hide all the weight from festive bingeing.

Symmetry was never so passe. Go for asymmetric hemlines to add the oomph factor.

Layer it.

Rather than wearing a single super warm piece, wear layers . You can use your summer sheers and add them in layers to give a very modern twist.

Long is the way to go.

Length is back in trend. Wear long coats with tights and boots. It is slimming and warm.

Shearling is in.

It is not pure sheepskin but a synthetic fabric that looks like the original.

Welcome to the comfortable fall fashion.