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My birthright


I beseech,

I implore thee

you may not

treat me like a queen


the wish to be respected

as a human

is my birthright




I repeatedly

Look into the stained mirror


The sink

At my workplace


Into the car rear view mirror


The sunglasses

My daughter wears


Caught in the

Shop windows


I see

What I am

An ageing woman

Whose youth


Now dwindling


The silhouettes


Don’t favour her


evening blush… haiku


orange skies

that evening blush

nature at its best

beautiful girl


standing on the terrace
the beautiful girl lost in thoughts
her hair blowing in the wind

The Scarf story.


Hi folks! My blog started with fashion and things like poetry and photography followed. But the urge to share my personal fashion tips is back again!
Today I am going to talk about the power of scarves….yessss!!!!
A nice scarf can totally transform your look. A plain one with a printed outfit, a printed multicoloured scarf to pep up a boring dress, and of course a clash of prints for a bohemian look . The choices are endless. We also can change the material of the scarf according to the clothes. A scarf in pure silk instantly adds class!
Then there are summer scarves and winter stoles. The bulky winter woollen stoles add warmth and lend a lot of fun to your attire! Hey can also be used to beat the winter chill.
The summer scarves on the other hand help add color and style to an otherwise dull outfit.
And lastly folks who can deny the beauty of the different ways of draping a stole!!!!! But then that’s a long story and will be dealing with it later.
So guys…. funk it up with a classic scarf….
Will be posting pictures in the next post .
Till then…. have fun!!!!!

Ageless Beauty? Nah!


Writing a fashion blog entails a lot of effort and passion. You want to share your views on fashion and learn more from fellow fashion bloggers. As I go through so many fashion blogs one thing stands out. Most bloggers put up #OOTD regularly featuring themselves as models. Its so nice. I would love to do it too. But I have a problem. In fact two problems. No three maybe. Leave it. There are too many ”ifs and buts.”

First and foremost. I am 49 years old . Can I model my outfits or am I too old for that ?

Second equally important. I wear mainly Indian or fusion wear . Are there any takers for that?

Third. I am married and have been for 26 years. I have no boyfriend who could click my pictures with dedication and affection. Of course photographers wont have a similar passion. So I lose out on that.

Fourth.My son is a great photographer. You must have seen the photographs that I put up on my sites .They are all shot by him. But ,he doesn’t like to shoot people. Oh, are girlfriends not people. Every second his display picture on WatsApp is changed. He is there with ”people”. So may be I am a mom and so do not conform to his idea of an actual; person.

Fifth. Even if I overcome all the above, what should I do about the people around me who are ready to judge me? I am not the right age or in the right profession to model. What if my students come across my blog, or my children’s friends see me. Now that they say is going to be a disgrace. Especially when my daughter who is 26 , is about to be married. What will her husband and his family say?

So ,what do I do.Stop writing?

Can you wonderful people out there believe that I have not activated the Facebook option on publicize. THIS I HAVE DONE SO MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY DON’T JUDGE ME.

So what do I do?

To all my fellow women who are aging, you maybe be called a fashionista in your circles but mind it, you cannot model or put up pictures of you in interesting outfits on social media without being judged.

Lets think about a way out of this . Help me too. I am in a dilemma .