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Paisley dress x long sweater x military coat


Wearing color in in winters is cathartic. I wearing an indian paisley print dress here, which is custom made. I am trying on the dress with two different looks….one with a long brown sweater, and the other with a brown military style coat.





Navy cape x Navy boots


Finally I wore a cape today! I have been wanting to seriously wear this trend, without looking OTT.Today for a day out with my son to the mall and the movies, I wore this navy blue cape with an all black outfit and navy boots.I also wore a statement silver neckpiece.



and a selfie in the car…



Long Black Sweater and Kurta.


Wearing shrugs, like I did in my last post, is good when it is not too cold. But it is surely, not a very good way of beating the oncoming  severe winter. To make Indian wear more comfortable in winters, I am going to show a look that can keep you more warm.

It is a task to make Indian wear look smart and chic in winters.

The short sweater and shawl look is very boring.

Here I am wearing a mauve long printed satin kurta with a mauve drape and tights. To make this outfit wearable in more cold, I have layered it with a nice long black sweater, a multicolored stole and black boots.

Actually, a long black sweater, black boots and a multicolored scarf should be a part of your winter capsule wardrobe.

As usual ,I love my favorite silver accessories. Here I am wearing a silver Amethyst necklace.

Go, check it out.



black sweater