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the skies


the skies

vast unending mysterious

holding dreams

and wishes

of the people

of the now


of the generations gone by


bygone days


your tiny feet…I can ┬ástill hear them

running on the cold stone floors

of our old home

and those eyes …looking up to me

from every direction



I dont know when you come and go out of the house

I pine to spend time with you my baby

but i guess

you are a man now

so fly

make your own world

and leave me with the memories

of the glorius bygone days



guardian angel


are you watching me

from up above

seeing whether I am fine

making my wishes come true

you are my guardian angel

yes dad

I can feel

your presence around me

years after

you left me forever

On my birthday… haiku


As I grow an year older

To the days of my childhood

My thoughts wander

down memory lane… haiku


the monsoon breeze

the intoxicating scent of petrichor

a perfect trip down memory lane