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daddy’s girl


will dad catch me

the little girl was fearful but

she jumped anyways

on my birthday


on my birthday

I look at you both with affection

my sisters

a reminiscent

of my parent’s existence

a constant reminder

that we were born

of the same love

between two people

who no longer stay

in the mortal world

bygone days


your tiny feet…I can  still hear them

running on the cold stone floors

of our old home

and those eyes …looking up to me

from every direction



I dont know when you come and go out of the house

I pine to spend time with you my baby

but i guess

you are a man now

so fly

make your own world

and leave me with the memories

of the glorius bygone days



Live to the fullest


love this moment

it’s mine forever and forever

i shall live it to the fullest