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Wear Sneakers for Comfort.


My latest fashion fixation is comfort with style. Now that I am nearing 50, I want to be super comfortable and stylish at the same time, without looking weird. I have lately started travelling a lot. So, the endless airports and the long exploration walks in a new city does take a toll on my feet. So, I am trying to wear sneakers with most of my outfits.

Here are some of the ways you can wear sneakers with almost everything.




The key is to be confident and carry the look with style.


P.S. All pictures are from google images.

Comfort Dressing in Winter.


I am really fond of long sweaters in winter. As opposed to the coats and jackets, they are more comfortable…not restricting at all. Here I am wearing a long blue sweater, a navy blurred print dress, navy tights and navy boots. I have added a floral tropical scarf for added warmth and style.

Whatever I am wearing has a lot of stretch, and is super soft. I for one, need really soft and non tight clothes for comfort.





Go Normcore!


Love this trend. The basic mantra here is to blend in not stand out, especially because of your clothes. It is a result of fashion oversaturation. This does not mean that you are unfashionable. It means dressing to blend in, and not to stand out because of your clothing. It is detail free, non fussy design. IT SCREAMS ABOUT INGRAINED AUTHORITY AND CLASS.

It is all about wearing comfortable clothes. If your personality has to shine out, it will.

Welcome to this wonderful inspiring trend.


How to Wear Pants with Dresses.


Hi there! It is that time of the year again when the chill sets in. Now I am a great lover of a longish silhouette. But in winters you need to keep warm also. So how do I pair my dresses with pants?

This was a look for the youngsters.

For my age here it is…

Pairing dresses with tights is also a smart option. Try and go for shoes in the same color as the pant or you can wear nude shoes too.

The safest option is to wear black pants or leggings with black boots. This gives an impression of length.

Add a scarf for warmth.

The best part of this look is that it hides flab and is super comfy.

I hope to rock this look this winter.


Short black jacket.


My favorite in winters is black. I think it’s everyone’s favorite.

Because I wear Indian wear to work,I have to stylishly wear my black multipurpose sleeveless jacket with my kurta.

Here I am wearing a short black quilted silk jacket with an ink blue kurta. The blue and black is a lively and dramatic combination. The Jacket is from FabIndia and the kurta is custom made.

The jacket has very fine quilting and is ideal for this weather.

I have teamed the kurta with black tights and silver jacket black jacket full
black full

This jacket can also be teamed up with jeans and a top.

A simple smart outfit for daily wear.

These are my silver accessories.

silver acc

Hope you liked the look.



Hi folks! Now that I have introduced you to the indian wear terminology,I am going to go ahead and show how the demure kurta can be worn.

Here I am wearing a printed pakistani print kurta with black cotton pyjamas. the pyjamas are slightly above ankles and the kurta is quite long.

I wore this while traveling. It is comfortable and looks fresh.Got a lot of compliments for this outfit.

The length of the kurta gives a slimming effect.

A nice wear  for fall.

You can wear heels with this outfit, but I wore flats, as I wanted to travel in comfort. The nude color goes with everything, so I had to pack less.

My silver neckpiece from Jaipur, is an all time favorite of mine.

My whole outfit except the accessories, costed just INR 4500(shoes included)


To Wear A Rainbow.


What do you think the title of my blog :toweararainbow indicates?

What is the blog about? Colorful clothes, nice makeup , fashionable heels? Yes you are bang on. But it is also about YOU. Wearing a rainbow is like wearing happiness.

R…RELAX. Don’t fret about not being able to fit in. Create your own following.

A…ATTITUDE.Carry an attitude that you are what you are.Attitude is everything.” —Diane von Furstenberg

I….INSPIRATION.Get inspired from time to time in your outfits.

N…..NARCISSISM. Some  is a must. Let it be self love.

B…..BELIEF. In yourself.

O…OBSERVANT.Observe the trends, but what suits you is the best outfit for you.

W..WILLPOWER.To make” IT” happen.
Wear these lovely colors on your personality and see how fashionable you look. Obviously that does not mean my earlier posts on fashion have no meaning. I don’t want to be blacklisted from the fashion world. I love it. But then use this new rainbow as a fashion accessory to enhance your presence. This combined with all the trappings of a fashionable wardrobe will make you a true fashionista.
So kudos to the fashionable you.:)



Wardrobe woes…How to manage a working girls closet.


That is a universal problem I bet. Every morning staring at my overflowing wardrobe and at the same time staring at the watch ,has become the norm. I am sure the same is true for most of us.I had to device a quick fix for that , so that I don’t leave home exhausted. Following is my easy to do mantra.

1) Have a capsule wardrobe.

Focus on buying good quality staple pieces that never go out of fashion. These may differ from person to person . My capsule wardrobe is as follows:

Nude or beige upper.

A white shirt or top.

Black uppers.

Black lowers.

Navy lowers.

Little black dress.

A nice black trench coat.

A pair of beige flats.

A pair of silver flats.

A pair of ballet flats.

A pair of black pumps.

A pair of boots.

A daily wear neck piece.

A statement necklace.

A pair of studs in silver and gold. I have diamond earrings in gold. They go mostly with everything.

Silver and gold hoops for the evening.

A pair of chandelier earrings.

A black and a multicolored stole.

A nice diamante watch.

Morning Clutch or tote in nude.

Evening Clutch in black and gold.( black goes with silver outfits too)

2) Plan in advance for the whole week.

I do that most of the time. If possible ,I do plan what I have to wear each day of the week on Sunday. It saves my time and the mornings are less hurried. I also decide the accessories if they are going to be different for some particular outfit. Mostly I change my neck-pieces, but my bag and slippers remain the same during the day, at least for one week.

3) Try your outfits beforehand.

Now this has saved me many a time from being embarrassed because of a zipper gone wrong or for instance  a tear on my leggings. Sometimes you can improvise your outfit if you try it beforehand.

4) Have an inventory.

This is applicable if you have too many key pieces like I do. I also write down the various looks I can create with my staple pieces. Again I save a lot of time because of this.

5) Have your ”must have” make up kit ready and and updated.

Also keep your evening and night make up items separate from your daily essentials. Things like shimmery eye shadow, illuminator and dark blushers should be in a separate kit.

6)  Have some items to add drama to your outfit always at hand.

A blingy necklace, a cocktail ring, a quirky bag are some ideas of adding some drama to your attire.

7) Red lipstick

Another instant pick me up essential. My personal favorite is M.A.C. Russian Red Matte.

It adds enough drama to make heads turn.

So girl, get going and plan your capsule wardrobe.

Till next time…


Slouchy is in.


Enough introspection. Today while I was indulging in my ”ME” time , of all the random thoughts crossing my mind , one thought was all pervading…CLOTHES AND FASHION. So I decided that this is where my heart lies and I am back on sharing my latest fashion fixation. Go slouchy.

It is all about being comfortable in what you wear.Slouchy fits are in because they fashionable and comfy.


The key is to wear the slouchy top with fitted lowers to balance out the look.

Autumn /fall is the season to bring out your drapes and go on to stylish layering.

These cape coats are classy, comfortable and also great in winters as they have great scope for layering.


The reverse can also be worn. Wear a flared relaxed lower with a fitted top.

Pyjama Pants are my latest fixation. I love the soft feel and the unstructured silhoutte. They can be worn both with short and long tops and  with our Indian kurtas.

The prints are vivacious and there is a great variety to choose from.

Their all elastic waistband is super comfy and ideal for a long day out.Opt for pyjama pants in a silky material to make them look formal. You can team it is blingy flats or nice pumps and some of your favorite accessories to look formal.

With Indian kurtas you can also wear  Palazzos. Again a very feminine and relaxed look.


Go for jumpsuits in a light fabric. They can either be plain or have funky prints.


Both upper and lowers can be slouchy and unstructured.

You can go all slouchy and yet rock the look.


This is the ultimate trend. It keeps you warm and good for bad hair days.