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The Scarf story.


Hi folks! My blog started with fashion and things like poetry and photography followed. But the urge to share my personal fashion tips is back again!
Today I am going to talk about the power of scarves….yessss!!!!
A nice scarf can totally transform your look. A plain one with a printed outfit, a printed multicoloured scarf to pep up a boring dress, and of course a clash of prints for a bohemian look . The choices are endless. We also can change the material of the scarf according to the clothes. A scarf in pure silk instantly adds class!
Then there are summer scarves and winter stoles. The bulky winter woollen stoles add warmth and lend a lot of fun to your attire! Hey can also be used to beat the winter chill.
The summer scarves on the other hand help add color and style to an otherwise dull outfit.
And lastly folks who can deny the beauty of the different ways of draping a stole!!!!! But then that’s a long story and will be dealing with it later.
So guys…. funk it up with a classic scarf….
Will be posting pictures in the next post .
Till then…. have fun!!!!!

Wear Sneakers for Comfort.


My latest fashion fixation is comfort with style. Now that I am nearing 50, I want to be super comfortable and stylish at the same time, without looking weird. I have lately started travelling a lot. So, the endless airports and the long exploration walks in a new city does take a toll on my feet. So, I am trying to wear sneakers with most of my outfits.

Here are some of the ways you can wear sneakers with almost everything.




The key is to be confident and carry the look with style.


P.S. All pictures are from google images.

Comfort Dressing in Winter.


I am really fond of long sweaters in winter. As opposed to the coats and jackets, they are more comfortable…not restricting at all. Here I am wearing a long blue sweater, a navy blurred print dress, navy tights and navy boots. I have added a floral tropical scarf for added warmth and style.

Whatever I am wearing has a lot of stretch, and is super soft. I for one, need really soft and non tight clothes for comfort.





Blue Is The New Black


Yess…for me this is true. I am huge fan of this color. I also mix blue with black for an interesting look.

I wear longish outfits, as they are slimming and suit my age.

Here, I am wearing a blue kurta with black palazzos, and a navy blue long fine knit sweater. (sorry for the bad picture quality…working towards it!)

I have accessorized it with a silver necklace with Lapis Lazuli beads, that I got from Jaipur.

Wore this to an evening at a winter carnival .

To take care of the walking, wore nude flats








Color Blocked Kurta


I always maintain that fashion should be comfortable and it should look good on you. One should not follow trends blindly.

For me and my work environment, I mainly stick to long kurtas.It definitely gives a slimmer silouhette and looks good.

Here I am sharing with you my favorite color blocked kurta,that I bought from a boutique in delhi. I have paired it with palazzos and also a black dupatta.As it is fall, deep colors look very nice.

color bl

color blo

My all time silver jewellery finishes the look.

When there is a lot of color in your outfit, always go for nude slippers.

This kurta is priced at INR3500.

It always is a good idea to have a capsule wardrobe of basic must haves like nude slippers, black lowers and statement neckpieces . That way, you just have to buy uppers, and then it is easy to mix and match.


Clutch it!


I am majorly into big oversized clutches nowadays. They are chic,good looking and oh so comfortable. Add to it the health benefits. No  shoulder straps cutting into your shoulders.No backache.But what about the must haves a girl has to carry? I do have a remedy for that !!!! First the latest clutches in the market nowadays.
Yes girl,you heard me right. I have ditched the oversized tote for an oversized clutch. Day clutches have to be big, with multiple zipper pockets and  of a neutral color.They should have separate pockets for keys, specs, money and make up. For a working girl it is super comfy to just hold a bag under your arm and go in or out your workplace in a jiffy and inconspicuously.
Envelope clutches

This nude Zara bag is my all time favorite.
Ooh I love them.They look awesome and  are so comfy. Always have a clutch with pockets.It helps in compartmentalizing your stuff.

Clutches with zippers

A very comfortable option. Compact and easy to carry, these clutches also don’t let your stuff slip out.

Dont miss the awesome compartments!

This oversized travel clutch is a winner.

Nude is the new black.

Always remember to have the clutches in  a soft material ….its all about comfortable fashion after all.

Quirky is in. So a dull plain outfit can be spruced up by a quirky printed clutch…

or a pop colored one.


Evening and night is definitely about a little glamour .So my lovelies here comes the bling. Silver, copper or gold , take your pick. You can also carry colored shimmery clutches for extra drama. Not to forget the jewelled ones for a more elaborate function.

The boxy clutches are less roomy but look great when going for an elite dinner or cocktail.Stick to a basic black or gold.

A loud shimmery clutch can prep up an otherwise dull outfit.

So enough on clutches for now! Next I will post on how to fit your essentials into these wonderful,comfortable fashion accessories.

Till then…