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not mere love…


I don’t want only love

I want passion

effortless endless passion

which makes me get up everyday

which becomes my ikigai

and my lullaby

I want passion

not mere love

that makes me go through the day

with a smile on my lips

and a bounce in my step

which makes me see

the silver lining

and the moon and the stars

that gives me a flutter in the belly

every time I am with my soulmate

I want passion… not mere love

to last till the end of time

words fail me


your face on my mind

your eyes haunting me

still words fail me

Lost poetry


“where did you go?”

I asked my poetry

“you went…

in the search of greener pastures ”

she replied…

smile and laugh


smile and laugh

let the crease lines form

don’t hold back life

sound of silence… haiku


shhh… be silent

take in the profound sound

of the silence around you

on the moon …..


take me to the moon

let’s live there forever

till we become stars

sisters… haiku


finding solace

when talking to her

that’s what sisters are for