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can you see through it

through the pretence and facade

the vulnerable woman in me

pining for you

to take me in your protective arms

and be a girl once again

glow in their house


there is always a glow

in somebody else’s house

looking from the outside


you cannot imagine

your house

to have the same luminosity

when others

view you in your home


It always is not true

what glitters…

is not always heaven



It was 49 years back,

In a small  hospital room ,

A tiny baby girl was born,

For her father she was a boon.

As she was the youngest of three sisters,

The relatives had wished for a boy,

They were not happy,

She was unwanted, they cried.

But her father loved her,

And always held her close to his heart,

Never let her alone in the cold,

From her he could not part.

She grew up loving her father,

He was her friend, philosopher, guide,

She became a doctor as he wanted,

In her he took pride.

Today it is that girl’s birthday,

And she remembers him, as she writes this,

Dad, you made me what I am,

But you, I will always miss.