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no thrill…


Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 355 SAD and Thrill.

another sad day

when I see people dying

no thrill no happiness

…no to depression



Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 316 Destruct&Self


the end is certain

live, love, rejoice, be happy

do not self -destruct

live …. life….


no living soul

should ever be so helpless

to let go of life

a reminder…


hang it there
a reminder to yourself
that you only live once

The Rosary.

The Rosary.

I close my eyes waiting for slumber,but there outside I can hear thunder.

It scares me and I am wide awake , I pull up the duvet and wait for the storm to abate.

And then to deviate my mind, I start thinking of my next day.

What I have to do tomorrow I dwell as on my bed I lay.

And then out of the blue a strange negativity grips me.

Oh no there it was again , I was on that depressive spree.

I consciously try to distract myself and hordes of thoughts crowd my mind

.I have to pick a thought to follow, but nothing worthwhile I can find.

And then suddenly I see flashes of color, and oh I know I have found my nemesis.

I am venturing into the past ,and the future seemed full of therapists.

It was then I find the rosary under my pillow,

My mind fills with relief and I know what to follow.

As the brown beads roll between my fingers ,relief creeps up my spine,

My mind clears , my body relaxes and I feel sublime.

Never a fanatic , nor an atheist,

It is strange how the rosary helps me .

All negativity my mind  transcends,

The string of beads then on became my best friend.