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long tiring journey
a mirage in the distance
makes it worthwhile

I would go on.


The breeze may dishevel my hair, the sand may enter my shoes, I would still go on.

The water from the sea would splash in my face and my make up would be smudged, but I would still go on.

It would rain and I would be drenched but I would go on.

The sun would burn my feet, but I would run and stand in the shade, I would go on.

The seasons shall change and the cold will numb my toes, of course I would go on.

The timelessness would be there, no destination in sight, but only a long winding road, I would love to go on.

The tears may stream down my face and then they may dry up, still I would go on.

No designer clothes, no made up hair, no slippers on my feet but I would go on.

My feet digging into the grass, the birds chirping around me,I would go on.

A life with no rules, no inhibitions, I would die to go on.

A person whom you love, who loves you back in return, who wouldn’t go on?

A strong shoulder to lean on, no pretence or pressure, I would definitely go on.

A life so simple, away from the rigmarole, no one to be answerable to, no one to question you, wouldn’t you go on?

Some food in the stomach, some water to drink, nowhere to go , no one coming to you….lets go on.