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Monochrome x Pop of Color


I love monochrome. But going all out may look a little drab. The best way to spice it up is by way of accessories.

Here I am wearing an all black outfit which I have accessorized with a multicolored stone necklace. It adds enough glamour to shift from a day look to  an image makeover for an evening out.

This is easy fashion!

hong kong macau 058

hong kong macau 055

hong kong macau 062

hong kong macau 050

Hope you liked the look.


Fresh and dewy make up.


It seems like forever, that my quest for wearing something other than the bright pinks and reds on my lips, will ever end. I always envied the classy nude looks on the ramp. Growing up, ( remember I’m in my 40’s) meant dressing up like my mommy. Those were the seventies. That meant oxblood lips and dark kohled eyes.

Now even autumn calls for a naturally nude look. It took me years to realize that there is a different nude for everybody. It adds sophistication, class and color instantly. It is no longer mandatory to look made up. On the contrary the trend is to look unmade up. So how do you use make up for a no make up look?

1) CTM

Cleanse Tone Moisturise These are the basics.

2) Apply an under eye concealer.

Usually a yellow toned concealer is great to counter the under eye dark circles.

I use Kryolan 303 for under eye cover up.


3) Now cover up with Kryolan base.

I use Kryolan 28.

Apply base all over the face and set with a wet sponge.

Now the face is set for you to work upon.

4) Apply kajal and mascara.

5) Apply a natural blush on the apples of the cheeks to give a natural glow.

6) Wear a nude lipstick in a shade that suits your skin tone.

nude pencil


I use nude colored lip pencil on my lips instead of a proper lipstick, as it has better staying power .

It is not essential to wear an absolut nude color. You can mix it with a orange or a pink tone to add some color to your face.

Apply some shimmer on the centre of the lips to add some glamour.

nude makeup

This is me in my nude make up look.


What lies beneath… The power of well fitting lingerie.


When you are young and firm, you can just get away with anything you wear. Young girls don’t even bother with buying expensive lingerie. It is only as you age that gravity plays a huge role in shaping your silhouette. Wearing a well fitted bra can actually make it seem that you have lost pounds. Depending upon the fit,it it is magical how spillovers and double breasting can be avoided. This actually gives the impression that you have lost weight. Wearing the right size of bra means that you have to take care about the band size and the cup size. Wearing a large band size means that the bra won’t fit properly and slide up giving the impression of sagging. Similarly a small cup size means there will be spillover which again gives the impression of excessive flab. With me it looked as if I have apparently lost 2-3 kg. Simply by by switching over to a properly fitted bra. All of a sudden it seemed that I had a nice waistline, which earlier was not showing. because of sagging.

Same for underwear. Wearing one with a very tight elastic will give rise to a muffin top. Even through your clothes you can see the flab. Looks pretty unsightly. So the best way is to wear hipster panties with a broad. not too tight waistband. That way it would hide the flab rather than enhance it.

So before buying your designer clothes, make sure you are are wearing well fitting lingerie.

It will make you look slimmer and more pleasing to the eye.

So,happy shopping.

All about Hands and Feet.


Ah …gotcha! Hands and feet on a fashion blog? You got me right. I don’t know whether its with me only ,but I do judge a person by his/her hands and feet. You cannot change what you are born with but you sure can maintain it. For me a major turn off is unfiled nails, dry rough skin, hairy arms ,chipped nail paint and dry cracked feet. Refer to my post ”Neatness in Fashion”. Most of us just focus on the face ( some even forget the neck).

It is not essential you go for an expensive mani or pedi. There are so many quick home fixes for this.First the basics.


This the first step. Nicely clean your hands and feet while bathing. Dry them on a soft towel. Make sure your feet are dry before you wear shoes. Change  your socks everyday. Clean insoles frequently if you wear them. Insoles absorb sweat and are a cause of feet odor.

Use a foot scraper.

Using a footscraper  or a pumice stone is a daily ritual for me while taking a bath. Scrub away the dead skin for great looking feet.


Moisturize your hands, feet, arms and legs right after a bath. Nothing is more unsightly than dryness on your hands and feet. Check for dryness by lightly scratching skin on your arm. If you see a  white line it means your skin is dry.

Invest in a good hand and body moisturizer. Carry a small pack with you to use whenever your hands and feet look dry.

 Manicure and pedicure .

A regular manicure and pedicure is a must. But if you are always short of time , buy a manicure and pedicure kit. I always prefer to do my own mani and pedi as I had contracted a fungal infection from a pedicure  I had got done from a very happening parlor. Trust me, these fungal infections last a lifetime and are so troublesome.

I even carry a nail file with me so that I can fix my nails if they chip. Keep nails short and slightly rounded. You can use nail extensions when going for a party.

Nail Paint.

Apply a neat coat of your favorite nail paint. Remember pastels last longer and are easy to touch up on a daily basis.They also look good at work unless you are working at a fashion house.

My personal favorite is nude beige for work.

So look after your hands and feet with these simple tips and look neat and chic.


Wardrobe woes…How to manage a working girls closet.


That is a universal problem I bet. Every morning staring at my overflowing wardrobe and at the same time staring at the watch ,has become the norm. I am sure the same is true for most of us.I had to device a quick fix for that , so that I don’t leave home exhausted. Following is my easy to do mantra.

1) Have a capsule wardrobe.

Focus on buying good quality staple pieces that never go out of fashion. These may differ from person to person . My capsule wardrobe is as follows:

Nude or beige upper.

A white shirt or top.

Black uppers.

Black lowers.

Navy lowers.

Little black dress.

A nice black trench coat.

A pair of beige flats.

A pair of silver flats.

A pair of ballet flats.

A pair of black pumps.

A pair of boots.

A daily wear neck piece.

A statement necklace.

A pair of studs in silver and gold. I have diamond earrings in gold. They go mostly with everything.

Silver and gold hoops for the evening.

A pair of chandelier earrings.

A black and a multicolored stole.

A nice diamante watch.

Morning Clutch or tote in nude.

Evening Clutch in black and gold.( black goes with silver outfits too)

2) Plan in advance for the whole week.

I do that most of the time. If possible ,I do plan what I have to wear each day of the week on Sunday. It saves my time and the mornings are less hurried. I also decide the accessories if they are going to be different for some particular outfit. Mostly I change my neck-pieces, but my bag and slippers remain the same during the day, at least for one week.

3) Try your outfits beforehand.

Now this has saved me many a time from being embarrassed because of a zipper gone wrong or for instance  a tear on my leggings. Sometimes you can improvise your outfit if you try it beforehand.

4) Have an inventory.

This is applicable if you have too many key pieces like I do. I also write down the various looks I can create with my staple pieces. Again I save a lot of time because of this.

5) Have your ”must have” make up kit ready and and updated.

Also keep your evening and night make up items separate from your daily essentials. Things like shimmery eye shadow, illuminator and dark blushers should be in a separate kit.

6)  Have some items to add drama to your outfit always at hand.

A blingy necklace, a cocktail ring, a quirky bag are some ideas of adding some drama to your attire.

7) Red lipstick

Another instant pick me up essential. My personal favorite is M.A.C. Russian Red Matte.

It adds enough drama to make heads turn.

So girl, get going and plan your capsule wardrobe.

Till next time…


Slouchy is in.


Enough introspection. Today while I was indulging in my ”ME” time , of all the random thoughts crossing my mind , one thought was all pervading…CLOTHES AND FASHION. So I decided that this is where my heart lies and I am back on sharing my latest fashion fixation. Go slouchy.

It is all about being comfortable in what you wear.Slouchy fits are in because they fashionable and comfy.


The key is to wear the slouchy top with fitted lowers to balance out the look.

Autumn /fall is the season to bring out your drapes and go on to stylish layering.

These cape coats are classy, comfortable and also great in winters as they have great scope for layering.


The reverse can also be worn. Wear a flared relaxed lower with a fitted top.

Pyjama Pants are my latest fixation. I love the soft feel and the unstructured silhoutte. They can be worn both with short and long tops and  with our Indian kurtas.

The prints are vivacious and there is a great variety to choose from.

Their all elastic waistband is super comfy and ideal for a long day out.Opt for pyjama pants in a silky material to make them look formal. You can team it is blingy flats or nice pumps and some of your favorite accessories to look formal.

With Indian kurtas you can also wear  Palazzos. Again a very feminine and relaxed look.


Go for jumpsuits in a light fabric. They can either be plain or have funky prints.


Both upper and lowers can be slouchy and unstructured.

You can go all slouchy and yet rock the look.


This is the ultimate trend. It keeps you warm and good for bad hair days.

Fashionista on the go!


I love to travel. As you all know I have a day job (I am a doctor,professor teaching in a medical college) and I have kids. So I am generally short of time.  Travelling for leisure frequently means besides clothes you also have to be neat , manicured and and so called maintained at all times. Here I am going to list a few items that I always have ready in a travelling kit. So here goes…

  1. An eyebrow plucker.

2. Plain / magnifying  looking make up mirror.

It is a great help when plucking your brows or touching up your makeup.

3.Nail filer.

4.Foot scraper

To maintain your feet after those long walks.

5. A Razor.

Yes you got me right. It is really embarrassing to find out that you have hair on your arms , legs etc. especially like me if you      are practically blind without spectacles.It helps that they  in lovely colors especially for women.

6. Nasal hair trimmer.

One of the most useful gadget I have bought.

6. Walking shoes.

Though not a part of the grooming kit , it deserves a mention in your travelling must haves.

I think I don’t need to explain that. Walk your way to fitness after binging on the amazing food. If travelling by train I used to      get down at stations and walk up and down the platform in case the halt was for 10 minutes or more.

Add to this, quick fashion fixes ,as mentioned in my earlier post of the same  name and there you are.

Happy travelling.

So thats my list. Feel free to add to it.

Waiting for your inputs.


Quick Fashion Fixes


Now that is such a necessity! Today, after work and after scrubbing my face off all the layers of makeup , as I was looking forward to my laid back evening, my son came up with an idea of walking down to the nearest Subway for dinner. One look at my disheveled hair and a tired drawn face ,I developed cold feet. But no ,I had to go along with him. Thankfully I have a list of quick fashion fixes that I am going to share with you all.


A hurried morning is so common especially with us working mothers. Top that with an insane passion to look your best and there arises the need of these simple fashion fixes.

  1. Keep a dry shampoo on your dressing table always.
  2. A good face wash with a scrub that can be routinely used and should rest in bathroom cabinet.
  3. You can skip the foundation if in a hurry and use just a quality compact powder to even out your skin tone.
  4. Applying eye liner is time consuming so just go ahead with a nice kajal on inside of the lower lid to counter your dark circles.
  5. Apply a lip gloss.
  6. Tie a pony or a top knot if you don’t have time to style your hair.
  7. Skip the earrings and just accessorize with a nice watch, a slip on cuff . I also have a slip on silver necklace always ready in my drawer which I put on in a jiffy. You can have golden accessories also but I am partial to silver as it is good both for mornings and evenings.
  8. Nude slippers and a nude bag should always be handy . If you have nude ballerinas it even better as then you can hide untidy feet and chipped nail-paint. As for the bag I generally prefer a multicolored bag.


Everything I talked about above holds good for the evening also except for the following.

  1. Apply a bright orange or red lipstick.
  2. The kajal should be darker.
  3. Carry a black  or a silver clutch.

Remember these tips are not for parties and formal dinners.

I  sincerely hope that all this was useful to you all.


Happy fixing! xo


Effortless Fashion.


Fashion should be effortless, comfortable and mind blowing. It should come naturally and easily to you. No stress , no worries , only simple pleasure.This was something I always wished for as a young girl. I always thought that it was impossible. Being born as a thin scraggly girl I always looked up to my mother who looked absolutely beautiful each and every day. It was then I started observing her and mentally formed a list of ”to do” things . Things that would help me metamorphose into someone people would complement and help me hold my own in the big beautiful world of fashion. So here goes.


In the hearts of hearts  you know what suits you What color, fabric, style  brings out the best in your persona.Refer to my post titled I Me,Myself. This is of utmost importance if you don’t want to fill your wardrobe with clothes that don’t flatter you.


Invest in pieces that have been around for a long time and will stay for a long time to come. Refer to my post ”The must haves.” Anything in black , nude and white when put together generally is a safe bet. You can go adventurous with statement necklaces, cocktail rings ,bracelets and funky belts. Add to it  a classy bag , nice watch and you are good to go.


This is something that has always held me in good stead. Imagine that you have to rush to a function at short notice and you are a mess after a sleepless  night and a long day at work. No time for the parlor and a blow dry. When I am faced with such a crisis I have a basic make up kit ready.   Invest in a good concealer, foundation, eye liner, mascara, blush on and highlighter. Make sure you take the help of a professional . As for me , I actually joined a self grooming class for about 15 days. It was just an hour a day and my my how it helped me!! Also buy  hairstyling products ( AGAIN TAKE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE) ,a good hair dryer and an  ironing rod .

Will surely come up on a detailed post on this.


Now that is something we generally undermine the importance of.

These famous words by Jane Austen are so true. How would you like unkempt nails,dry rough hair, unplucked brows,ill stitched clothes, torn shoes and a dry flaky skin. Fashion is not about clothes and make up only. It is always to see a man or a woman neatly turned out. Make this a habit. There should be no need for you to run for a parlor just before a party. At least the basic neatness and cleanliness should be a part of your daily routine. More on this later.


I have already talked about fitness and fashion in my last blog. A fit body is a fashionable body. So put on your running shoes and run on the road to fitness.


Need I say more!

Lastly smile and remember to be

So my lovely people ,incorporate all of this into your life and see how effortless fashion can be!

Remember you are unique.

Love you all!