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beyond their years


my mind baffles me


I think of my dad 

and curse the gods 

for taking him away so soon


my usual merciful self 

refuses to be forgiving


those very gods have allowed 

many to live

beyond their years



thoughts and poetry


my hand wavers

on the keyboard


I aspire

to write

a pathbreaking poem



is my diary


I would always

pen my thoughts

the way i think them


thoughts and emotions


separate the thoughts

from the myriad emotions

emotions maketh the man

my fears….a diary entry



The negativity surrounds. me….fear of death? Or the fear of losing it all….Then I look around and see so many other mortals…going about with their daily chores as if they have nothing to fear. Really!!! They go on seeing the sunrise and enjoying the sunset. They adorn their bodies with beautiful stuff, enjoy seeing in the mirror, relish good food. They look forward to a nice weekend, plan for their kids and have a blast. And me…. I keep waiting for the world to end. I fret it. I am so scared that I forget to live. I just see the end of the tunnel. I forget to see how beautiful is the road… The journey…
I know we all shall end the same way. . But maybe there us something better after the tunnel ends . Maybe a different world with all my fore fathers. Maybe a heaven unheard of … unseen. And if I live a good life maybe so I will be rewarded with a paradise.. so beautiful and perfect that I don’t miss my earlier life any more.
So today on , I will live this journey so perfectly and beautifully, that I will receive a perfect afterlife as a gift.
I shall do my duties , care for my near and dear ones without expectation and make this life a paradise on earth. I will set the bar so high that when I leave this world I go to a place better than this. After all when you really want something so bad … the whole universe transpires to give it to you . Yes, I am hungry for more. Yes…yes…yes…I am.

The most difficult Post I wrote.


I love blogging. I love writing. I love photography. But there was this one post that was most difficult to write. That was the post which I had to write after being nominated for The Liebster Award. Dont get me wrong. I love awards too. But the conditions that apply are too much. Give me an award if you like my work, but please don’t make me go through so many rules. I think most of us blog because there are no rules. So the whole purpose fails. I think the best reward is by liking a post, following a blog, and giving critical comments so as to share our thoughts. By the time I finished the post on Liebster Award I was depressed. I felt like a school kid or even a first timer at a job interview. It was as if my whole blogging journey depended on it.

I want to be a successful blogger, I want to be liked and I want to be free.

So, what do you think. Am I wrong about cribbing over having to write a long post that is required for me to win The Liebster Award.?

I may have antagonized many people out there and I may not get the award, but I had to write this.

And, please dont get me wrong, I want all possible awards, but please no rules.

Let us enjoy this freedom that all us bloggers enjoy in blogosphere.

I hope you agree.

Comments are more than welcome.


(If you get an award)