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The Scarf story.


Hi folks! My blog started with fashion and things like poetry and photography followed. But the urge to share my personal fashion tips is back again!
Today I am going to talk about the power of scarves….yessss!!!!
A nice scarf can totally transform your look. A plain one with a printed outfit, a printed multicoloured scarf to pep up a boring dress, and of course a clash of prints for a bohemian look . The choices are endless. We also can change the material of the scarf according to the clothes. A scarf in pure silk instantly adds class!
Then there are summer scarves and winter stoles. The bulky winter woollen stoles add warmth and lend a lot of fun to your attire! Hey can also be used to beat the winter chill.
The summer scarves on the other hand help add color and style to an otherwise dull outfit.
And lastly folks who can deny the beauty of the different ways of draping a stole!!!!! But then that’s a long story and will be dealing with it later.
So guys…. funk it up with a classic scarf….
Will be posting pictures in the next post .
Till then…. have fun!!!!!

Fashion decoded.


Is fashion ┬áin the clothes, makeup,accessories ,shoes? I don’t think so. It is the intellect, mindset, experiences, outlook, knowledge of the world and much more. Ultimately how you express yourself to the world matters. Following the trends blindly is not fashion. Create your persona. It should be distinct .Fashion is as unique as the person you are… You can emulate certain people but not copy them. It took me a long time to understand myself and my individuality. I was so unsure . ..of my looks, my clothes, my hair. But when I became comfortable in my skin I was told I am fashionable.Don’t try to be someone else. You are what you are. you have your likes, dislikes, opinions. And that is what should reflect in what you wear.

People who are fashionable and rule the fashion world have slogged to be where they are. They create trends not follow them. We can take a cue from them and create a look that is totally you. Again, fashion should be comfortable, easy and pleasurable.

Dare to be different,bold and individualistic.

Enjoy it, relish it, and make it a way of life.

Go girl, make your own choices.