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approval… haiku


late night, unsettled

me active on social media

looking for approval?

no more sleep… haiku


I lost you

in my dream last night

I am done sleeping



food to eat

some quality sleep

a family to love

nothing more deep

pure laughter

and simple needs

make up my life

i have no greed

yet i lie in bed

with no sleep

my parents are long gone

i want to weep

but then i pick up the pieces

of my broken life

and muster the courage

to continue this strife



The clock strikes 12 midnight

I hurry to brush my teeth, wash my face

Apply night cream,look in mirror for wrinkles. See many.

Apply cream anyway. Lie down. My back itches. Turn sides. Still itching. Get up to apply talcum. Lie down.

Ah sleep finally.

But no, A dog starts barking in the street. Try to ignore. Keeps barking.

Get up again. Opr the window to shoo off the dog. Does not go. Go back to bed.Look for my ear beds. Put them in my ears. Try to sleep.

Light coming from in between the curtains. Get up again. Close the curtains .

Go back to bed. Look at the  clock. Its already 2 a.m.

Panic. Have to get up early. Try to sleep.

Damn, I am thirsty. Get up again to drink water.

Come back to bed, exhausted.

Try to sleep. Wake up with a start. My alarm went off.Look at the clock. It went off early.

Try to sleep for an hour more.

Get up because of someone knocking at the door.

Time for work, my son says.

Get up finally.

Did I sleep at all?

See no degree of rest or sanity in my nights….