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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Recently Acquired.”

I started blogging in July this year, and I must confess, I was pretty scared as to how my blog would be perceived by all those wonderful people out there.Still, I kept on blogging. It was a month back, that I actually started getting great responses from you guys. The only thing that stood out a month back was that it pays to be consistent.

Here I am not exactly talking of followers or likes, but more about the amazing interaction I have been having with my fellow bloggers. It is as if a whole new chapter of my life was hidden somewhere, and now it has opened.

Also, not to mention the great learning experiences.

And of course, I have acquired a lot of happiness.

It does pay to be consistent in whatever you do.

Not to mention that I now have more than 2oo followers….yipee….

( I think it does matter after all )


Happiness acquired.