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Shrug Madness.


I had to get up early today morning for a class I had to take. As I stepped out ,there was a blast of cold wind. I shuddered. Instantly I thought of my various drapes and shrugs, and decided to pull them out of my wardrobe as soon as I reached home.

So here are my collection of shrugs. All of them are long and cover the hip,a must at my age and with my profession.(I am a professor teaching in a medical; college)

drapes blue

drapes brown

drapes black

The blue ones are from Benetton.

The grey ones are from Marks and Spencers.

The rest I picked up from Hong Kong,when I visited it last year.

I team them up with absolutely anything. The fall is good and sleek,and they are excellent for layering.

Such drapes are a must for a winter capsule wardrobe.

Next I shall continue with my collection of shawls and drapes.


P.S. Please excuse the picture quality. Still don’t know how to use the DSLR very well.Trying hard.

Go from Flab to Fab instantly.


This actually seems like magic. Even though the best way to be fit is by a healthy diet and regular exercise,we all know you really have to sweat it out for that. Now that takes time. But that doesn’t mean you cannot hide those bulges and love handles. Here are some clever dressing tips to instantly make you look slimmer.


Adding length to your outfits creates a slimmer silhouette. Time and again in my posts I have advocated that falling hemlines definitely make you look sleeker.

Even for your trousers or jeans make sure that they are not cropped. To get a slimmer look always wear lowers that cover your ankles.Boot cut jeans look better than skinnies to give a more structured look.


Going all black has always been the mantra for dressing if you want to shed some kilos. But that is plain boring.

You can add color to your outfit by color blocking. Black or darker colors are known to hide bulges. Wear dresses with darker colors at the sides to give the impression of a thinner waist. You can also wear darker shades on the body area which you want to slim down.


Avoid stiff fabrics and boxy cuts.

Also wearing tight spandex  as it enhances rather than hide the bulges.

Wear flowy clothes that don’t stick to the body.Think kaftans and flowy maxi dresses.


It is essential that that you make a good foundation by taking care about what you wear beneath your clothes.

Undergarments that fit well are a must. Majority of women wear the wrong size of bra.If you wear a bra that causes sagging it makes the torso look broad .

Also make sure that you wear undergarments with a broad waistband as that minimizes spillover.  Take the help of an expert if you must to find a proper fit.

You may try shapewear to smoothen out the bulges.

Layering is also a method by which you can get love handles to disappear.


Hold your head high and shoulders back when you walk. It is known that slouching can add pounds to your frame

.Maintain a good posture at all times.


You can add stylish neckpieces or bold earrings to take the focus away from your trouble areas.

A  dress belt in an interesting material can look the waist appear smaller and become the focus of your attire.

Carrying a large handbag can make you slimmer in comparison.


When all else fails you can always hide your flaws stylishly. Wearing a great stole can easily cover up what you want to hide , not to mention the extra style it adds. The following is a great site for almost all information on scarves.

As you see it is so simple to go from Flab to Fab.

These ideas are easy and sure work wonders.



Playing with layers…Part 2


Now whenever we talk of layers we mostly think of winter layering .That is what we are going to talk about today.

I remember a day around four to five years back.

It was a cold winter windy day and I stepped out in my heavy overcoat and warm pants . I threw on a stole for good measure thinking I was looking every bit a fashionista.  Even then I was not very warm. It was then I saw a  girl looking perfectly at ease with herself and of course not shuddering in the cold like me. She was not looking dull and dreary but very lively and full of color on that cold dark day. She was not at all frumpy and I was amazed to see that she had no overcoat on, but her outfit had multiple layers. And that is when it struck me. Yes layering your clothes helps you keep warmer in winters and of course it allows for more color and style in your clothes.

See the difference in the two pictures? Which look is more appealing? Of course the second one.

So to highlight the important aspects of intelligent layering in winters:

1) Add  layers of different lengths.

2) The layers should not be of the same color . They can be of  shades of the same color or of totally different colors.

3) Use falling fabrics in the inner layers.

4) You can mix and match fabrics of different weaves to make the look interesting. You can wear woollens in thin weaves and top it with slightly heavier ones.



5) Add a muffler or a pop coloured stole. It will not only add to the warmth but also make you stand out in the crowd.

6) And last but not the least …layer your jeggings or jeans with a pair of smart boots. They can be ankle or calf length or even thigh high. You can add cable knit socks to the boots as shown.


So dearies, layer it up and discover a new outfit with each layer!

Playing with layers…Part1


Layering creates magic . Putting on layers creates new outfits from old ones, adds style, helps you subdue dark colors and is the new fashion statement. Layering can be either winter layering or you can add layers to your sheer summer outfits. First summer layering i.e. Part 1

1) Layering in summer is about a fitted inner layer and a flowy upper layer. It works something like wearing a chemise underneath a see through top.

2). But now your inner layer does not have to be dull and pathetic. You can spruce up your outfit by having a contrast inner in dark colors, printed inners beneath plain sheer fabrics or longer inners with shorter tops.

3) You can have multiple layers. one can add a nice flowy stole as the topmost layer and the lastly layer it further with a nice neckpiece.

4) Even the lowers can be layered. A sheer pair of leggings going into thigh high boots can also make a fashion statement.

5) Because it is summer bright colors in sheer fabrics(Georgette.chiffon) and even crochet and lace can look good while layering.

6)You can even increase the length of your short dress by wearing a longer dress in a thin fabric in a bright color or same color under your short dress.



So as you can see you can work wonders by layering. Add color, add length, add style…voila there is a new you!

Next we shall talk about winter layering.

Till then do try out these wonderful options.