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care and love


just a few words

of care and love are enough

to bring on a smile



looking out of my window

cuddled in my bed

all I could see

orange gold and red

autumn with its colours

saying goodbye to summer heat

I wait with a cup of tea

for I had the winter to beat

Come on winter..

I wait for thee

I wait for the Christmas vibe

And for the Christmas tree

I wait for the seasons to change

till I go over the hill

For it’s a beautiful life

Which I fully want to live



me…reasonably good looking

intact body parts

food…always on the table

two beautiful children

a reasonable life partner

decent moolah

a good job

a few loving people around me

not homeless…

and still…

the demon called ANXIETY

raises its head

catching me unawares

true love


just my dog

my children and my parents

truly love me

those who truly

love me endlessly

are but a few

only a few

in this big bad world


brown girl


love me

for I am what I am

colour doesn’t matter

not an excuse


you cannot use love

as an excuse to control

someone’s life