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you don’t have time


it’s disquieting

when you waste your life

thinking you have time

bygone love


broken glass

pieces pierce me

like our bygone love

this moment


this moment

sitting next to you

looking into your eyes

is the best moment

not to be lost in the past

nor the future

so shall live it fully


love is…


love is

giving food to a beggar

petting a homeless dog

teaching my students

helping them clear the fog

love is

the new bud in my garden

cool air on a hot summer day

the thoughts of my childhood

as under the neem I lay

love is

my beautiful thoughts of you

the days and nights we spend together

the way we together are so true



if we could

leave this world together

I wouldn’t mind

leaving today

and make our own little world

in another universe

one with the universe


this life,a beautiful dream

but will have to wake up one day

to unite with the universe