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be alive


live each breath
let go of the fear
be alive




I love it. The charm of silver jewellery! You can never go wrong with huge silver baali ‘s, a silver choker, a horde of silver bangles….
Whenever you want to uplift a simple outfit, just add a chunky silver piece. It has the old world charm along with the modern quirkiness. Also a big silver cocktail ring adds a lot of fun to your look.
Not to mention that the oxidised look in silver is more attractive than the shiny look.
It has the modern with the old world charm. Silver accessories go well with Indian, Western and fusion wear.
So girls… go silver!!!!!

Love…. live….


love like no one ever did
live like no one ever lived and
life would be liveable

warm memories…


beat the winter chill
with warm memories of yore
spread the happy vibe

prayer and faith


a desire deep down

for peace and happiness

endless prayer and faith

troubled mind


a troubled mind
emotions running high
bear with me

the present…haiku


no past nor future
should ever matter to me
let me stay in the present