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you don’t have time


it’s disquieting

when you waste your life

thinking you have time

on my birthday


on my birthday

I look at you both with affection

my sisters

a reminiscent

of my parent’s existence

a constant reminder

that we were born

of the same love

between two people

who no longer stay

in the mortal world



can you see through it

through the pretence and facade

the vulnerable woman in me

pining for you

to take me in your protective arms

and be a girl once again

God or Nature


let no one

sleep hungry

let no one

be separated from their loved ones

let all be equal

let us die and meet our loved ones

let it be heaven

on earth and beyond

is it too much

dear God

to ask for??

for if this happens… you exist

if it doesn’t …. its was nature all along

breath of life… haiku


Breathing in

I live this life fully

As I do breathing out

old…. haiku


silently and slowly

laughter gives way to laugh lines

and old age beckons



this moment

and the next and next

three lifetimes

mind and body… haiku


and I fell in love

with my mind and body

after years of floundering