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imperishable love

in the dark of the night

stirs the soul

Late night poetry



late night poetry

someone far far away

is reading it

on my blog

and I

so many time zones apart


feel the connection

Why do I blog?


Now now that is a question the answer to which was given to me by my son.He told me “”Mom you seem happier nowadays”. I looked at him with wonder. He set me thinking that nothing had changed in my life since the past 2 months except that I had formed a family outside my real family. My blogging community.There were people in faraway parts of the world who. I didn’t know personally but I liked what they wrote. They in turn gave wonderful comments on my posts. It is such an exhilarating feeling when a person who belongs to a different country , culture and ethnicity ,thinks the way I do,appreciates your work and I in turn totally understand and cherish their take on fashion and other topics.I was reaching out to wonderful people through my blog.

My another big reason of blogging is loneliness. Since my 13 yr old Lhasa passed away 3 months back I could feel a strange kind of sadness. That combined with my menopausal emotional upheavals made me go spiraling down. Then I had to take stock of the situation and stop the self destructive streak in me. I had to do something I loved , something different from my job. And I started writing. While going through Candidly Bleu’s blog, I started thinking about my reasons for blogging. I may be a narcissist but I am not harming anybody. Read me if you want or else avoid me but I will continue to write. I want to do it for myself and my sanity.

The following two sites actually set me thinking.


Next,it gives me immense creative satisfaction. I have gained so much knowledge that has help me improve my fashion sense and lifestyle choices. Also I learn in the process of sharing. It also has made that feeling of loneliness disappear. Mid life crisis? What is it? It has so helped me forget about it. At an age when children begin to have a life of their own,I have managed to carve  a small niche in cyberspace that is totally about me, about me and you.

And last but not the least I blog because I love what I blog about… fashion of course. I am a student of fashion not a teacher.So My dear fellow bloggers let us keep up the awesome work and join hands in an endeavor to make the world one big happy family through blogging. I want to share my opinions and feelings for that helps me grow.

It gives me the feeling of ownership. I own a piece of cyberspace.

Happy blogging.