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on my birthday


on my birthday

I look at you both with affection

my sisters

a reminiscent

of my parent’s existence

a constant reminder

that we were born

of the same love

between two people

who no longer stay

in the mortal world



the mirror does not lie

just like your soul

age has come girl

gone are your days of glory

in the eyes of others


“you” remain

your best friend

love yourself

respect your body

and go on

to live a life of fulfilment

old…. haiku


silently and slowly

laughter gives way to laugh lines

and old age beckons

you… haiku


love each moment

you spend with yourself

you are all you have



for woman to woman jealousy-


she smiled

it was not for me I knew

but for my failures

Look no further 




The key to happiness 

Is right there within you

Look no further 

Me to You.


There is so much in common yet different between all of us. As I sit and write my post , I can’t help but be fascinated by the the fact that we all are one big family. Whatever the country, caste or ethnicity , human nature doesn’t change. All mothers feel the same about the children, all women want to look attractive, all families want to remain close knit.So whatever you do , wherever you live, the one common need for all us mortals is to be at peace with oneself. So I am going to share with you what I do to keep calm.


Yes , all of you should indulge in some ”ME” time.If you google this term you would come across several articles that suggest ”Me” time activities. They tell you to schedule your ”Me” time.WHAT? Activities for me time? I find it ridiculous! For me my Me time is about doing nothing, having no schedule or activities to follow. Every week take out a couple of hours where you go incognito. No cell phones, laptops , children, friends or family. Just connect with yourself.Doing nothing

So this weekend enjoy your own company .

Remember you don’t have to anything. Just be yourself with yourself.

Love you all. xoxo