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as the years go by

I writhe with pains of old age

and I thought I was indestructible



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It breaks down barriers
But also creates distances
True love surpasses all
The ups and downs of life

Yet leaves a deep hollow

Inside the wounded heart
That nevers fills up
Or rarely it overflows
With raging emotions
Drowning the self
In the cavernous depths of fantasy

But rises the soul
That has experienced these emotions
To live on and on
Becoming one with its soul mate
In a world of his own
Oblivious to the surroundings

Train journey


As I set foot
On the train
My journey starts
Of fun and pain

I meet people
From all walks of life
They come and go
Happiness and strife

And as the train runs
On the rugged tracks
I am reminded of the ups and downs
And of the holes and cracks

I relive my life’s struggles
And how I have to go on
I have to endure everything
To decipher, for what I was born