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12 changes blogging has brought about in me.


responsible-for-my-own-happiness (1)

I have become a loner lately!

Since when? One guess …you tell.

  1. No, I am not under depression and no,I have the same amount of work as before,there has been no increase in work load. But I like my own company (and yours) more than anything else.
  2. But still, I don’t want to meet people or talk to them on phone.
  3. My husband feels that I have actually started paying less attention to him nowadays,but he is happy, with no nagging from my side.
  4. My kids are happy I am off their back. My juniors at work feel the same way.
  5. I am happy with less sleep nowadays.No cribbing about lack of sleep.I want 36 hours in a day.
  6. I am doing everybody’s work without complaining, because I don’t want to hear them talk unnecessarily and disturb me.
  7. I have started detesting outings. What a waste of time.But I love going to a place which has a good WiFi connection.
  8. Mealtimes are non fussy, because I eat whatever is available.Again no staying away from internet.
  9. Gone are the days when I would gossip for hours with my girlfriends.I have better things to do.
  10.  On top of that, I am happier than before.
  11. I have started spending less on material things. Saving a lot of money…yay!
  12. I am more at peace with myself and the people around.

Can you guess what has brought about these wonderful changes in me….BLOGGING.

It has made the world a better place to live in for me. What about you?

Please share.


A dive into Buddhism .. Mcleod Ganj.


I know this is a total deviation from what I generally blog about. But while going through this blog what stood out was the contrast between urban fashion and this totally simple, blissful look which has been so beautifully been captured by this photographer.Its so serene and uncomplicated.I found these pictures cathartic. I hope you do so too.

Vidur Mayor Photography

Green horizons with beautiful blue skies,
A place too far from the city fights and lies..
Where freedom can be felt in the air,
I don’t think these days could get better anywhere else..

I might have a hundred places to be,
But as I grab the steering wheel,
There is a single thought on me,
This journey will be perfect for the uncountable miles to be..

New people, new thoughts around me,
So many unknown places to see..
As I walk through these streets unknown,
I think of all the beautiful moments forgone.

Temples, churches and mosques did we cross,
So many cultures we saw..
In the end home is the place to be,
After all, this is where we finally find peace!












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