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How to fit everything into your Clutch.


Now that looks like a daunting task! But with a little sensible planning , you can actually be free of the heavy tote we all carry  around either on our shoulders or on our arms  like Arm-Hook Crook way adopted by the very fashionable Victoria Beckham.

But I refuse to be a fashion victim and am very particular about comfort. In my last post I spoke about my latest fixation, oversized clutches.

So here comes. My simple fixes for for fitting everything in your bag.

1) Buy a big oversized clutch with adequate compartments.

2) Buy smaller versions of all your essential makeup items.

Or even better …lip pencil in your favorite color. They are great for touch up and last more too. They also occupy less space!

3) Add to it a small hair brush,wet wipes and a miniature perfume bottle ( always ask for sample perfume bottles whenever you buy your perfume)

4) I even carry small Cream Color Base from Mac which is versatile and multipurpose. It can act as a nose bridge / face highlighter and as an underlashline highlighter. Choose one matching your skin tone.

5) Car keys should be placed in an outside pocket so that you don’t have to dig deep to find them .

6) A small notebook and pen completes the list.

So dearies ….happy clutching:)