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I write, I blog


late at night

alone in my room

I think

of the millions of fellow humans

far away


I try to reach out to them

I yearn to form a bond


I write, I blog

in the hope

that one day

I shall come across a life changing encounter

with someone out there

that will change my life forever







the child


I saw


begging on the streets

running nose

torn clothes

those tender feet


disheveled hair

I looked

for a sign

of hope

and there it was

in his eyes

the child in him

was speaking to me

daddy’s little girl…


Hold my hand
Lest I fall
Walk with me
Lest I stall

Care for me
Lest I rot
Lead the way
Forget me not

Hold me close
Lest I cry
Wipe my tears
Wipe them dry

This all I had wished for
But you went away
I miss you daddy
Wish you had stayed.