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The Serenity Prayer.


Dissatisfaction. I am never ever satisfied completely with anything in life. But the most important aspect of my life which leaves me dissatisfied is the absence of my parents. I miss them, especially my dad, whom I lost very early in life. I feel sad thinking how deprived my children are, as they don’t have their grandparents to spoil them silly. That doesn’t mean I am not satisfied with anything else. I am satisfied with my job, my children and husband. I have a beautiful home and enough money.But I think, being satisfied is a personality type rather than an option. It depends on what kind of a person are you.

But  it does pay to count your blessings. If you have a problem like an illness, always think whether it can be cured or it is life threatening. Whether you have the means to look after yourself or not. Do you have a family that loves you .Do you have good friends. Are you in a comfortable space in your life. All this matters. Everyone in this world faces illness. Everyone dies. Everyone loses their near and dear ones. It is just a question of when and how. We cannot predict that, so why fret. Similarly, ask yourself these very questions whenever there is any type of crisis in your life.

There is this beautiful prayer that I want to share with all of u. Its called the Serenity Prayer.Here goes…..

….For so many years this has helped me come out of difficult situations,illness ,heartbreak,death of my near ones and so many other critical times. Even other incidents in life, like a bad day at work, a rude boss, somebody banging your car on the road or an irritable neighbour, can seem insignificant if you want it to .I wanted to share this with you, hoping that it will help you, the way it has helped  me.

There is a full version of this prayer also

I wish, this helps you in coming out of difficult and trying situations in your life.

I Dared !!!


 Off we go…IMG_7721


 My walk of contemplation.


Keep the fire burning.

My “ME” moment.


I dared to switch off , to disconnect!!! Can u believe that? All you fans of cyberspace know that staying away from your blogging family.your facebook friends and WhatsApp buddies is a torture. But this vacation …I DID IT. I did not post for nearly a week nor replied to comments .I only know how tough it was initially but after a day the withdrawal led to anticipation and excitement. My mind opened to the world around me. Random thoughts became more organized. I started to wait eagerly for you lovely people. The husband , the children and me reinvented ourselves. And now I am back fresh and rejuvenated dying to get back in the loop. But let me tell you one thing I realized in this vacation, “When you love fashion, there is no weekend. Everything just blends together”.

So waiting to write FASHION 🙂



P.S. All photographs shot by my son.

A dive into Buddhism .. Mcleod Ganj.


I know this is a total deviation from what I generally blog about. But while going through this blog what stood out was the contrast between urban fashion and this totally simple, blissful look which has been so beautifully been captured by this photographer.Its so serene and uncomplicated.I found these pictures cathartic. I hope you do so too.

Vidur Mayor Photography

Green horizons with beautiful blue skies,
A place too far from the city fights and lies..
Where freedom can be felt in the air,
I don’t think these days could get better anywhere else..

I might have a hundred places to be,
But as I grab the steering wheel,
There is a single thought on me,
This journey will be perfect for the uncountable miles to be..

New people, new thoughts around me,
So many unknown places to see..
As I walk through these streets unknown,
I think of all the beautiful moments forgone.

Temples, churches and mosques did we cross,
So many cultures we saw..
In the end home is the place to be,
After all, this is where we finally find peace!












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