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wintry night


cold wintry night

a small dog on the sidewalk

shivering in the chill



buying blankets

looking for abandoned animals

waiting to cover them

winter …


cold bare trees

sitting huddled together

a pair of pigeons

warm home…


cold winter days

makes me head after work

to my warm home



sharing the warmth
around the winter bonfire
just you and me

your name… haiku


frosty winds winter chill
steamy breath on the window pane
did I write your name?

Nude shoes in winter


Now that winter is here, it is a must to keep your feet warm. My all time, all season color is nude. As I am all for comfortable fashion, I like to wear nice comfortable flats in winter. The nude color goes with all outfits, so it is comfortable as one does not have to change shoes with all outfits.Especially now when you don’t need to wear socks.

Here are some of my picks for this season.

Women's Fall/Winter Fashion Buckle Short Boots