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I have fallen out of love

So understand … please

And let us be friends

bygone days


your tiny feet…I can  still hear them

running on the cold stone floors

of our old home

and those eyes …looking up to me

from every direction



I dont know when you come and go out of the house

I pine to spend time with you my baby

but i guess

you are a man now

so fly

make your own world

and leave me with the memories

of the glorius bygone days



tears and smiles


with tears in my eyes
and a smile on my lips
I miss you on my birthday

for you gave me a beautiful life
but you are not around to share it

first rain… haiku


first rain of summer
the earthy smell of petrichor
romanticism in the air



Sleeping like a baby
Getting up in your mother’s lap
Being bathed and dressed by her
Oh what a recap

Boarding the school bus
With tears in your eyes
Pressing your face to the window
As you wave her goodbye

Waiting for the school bell to ring
So you could rush back home
Dying to see her again
As you felt so alone

That was a time when
You could not bear to be away from her
And now she is long gone
But the memories do not blur.

Give me those moments back
I want to be that child again
When you could be carefree and happy
She was there to bear all the pain.

Soul Baring.


OK.,time for baring my soul. My name is Mona, I am a doctor, 49 years old. My blog name is Mira. I wanted to have a different identity .I love life but lately this has been slightly dampened by weird feelings of sadness. Never mind.

It is nearly six months I started this blog.I started this blog in July 2014 to …make myself busier. Happier…the likes and follows on my blog are to die for. And maybe someday to publish something of my own. That done, here us another thing. I was born into a middle class family. Dad was a doctor, a selfless man who loved his 3 daughters endlessly. He also loved his wife dearly but ….He died early. My depression started. I overcame it slightly by doing my masters. My son was born and there followed a rollercoaster of emotions. May have to discuss that, and my marriage under a different name later.

Then my chronic arthritis. I got out of my first pregnancy at the age of 22, with an autoimmune flare. I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, and am still fighting the exacerbations.

So…here fears…I am scared of death, suffering, cancer…I have had 4 cancer deaths in my maternal family, pain, old age, children leaving me, me being the last survivor in my family, losing my looks …after all I was a late bloomer. In recent months, a major setback was losing my pet Snowy. It was a major setback. Whew…I am sure a coward. Whatever!!!! It sure feels nice telling all your of you about this.

But even then, I do love life and I am determined to make the most of what I have.
One more thing…please don’t judge me.