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What lies beneath… The power of well fitting lingerie.


When you are young and firm, you can just get away with anything you wear. Young girls don’t even bother with buying expensive lingerie. It is only as you age that gravity plays a huge role in shaping your silhouette. Wearing a well fitted bra can actually make it seem that you have lost pounds. Depending upon the fit,it it is magical how spillovers and double breasting can be avoided. This actually gives the impression that you have lost weight. Wearing the right size of bra means that you have to take care about the band size and the cup size. Wearing a large band size means that the bra won’t fit properly and slide up giving the impression of sagging. Similarly a small cup size means there will be spillover which again gives the impression of excessive flab. With me it looked as if I have apparently lost 2-3 kg. Simply by by switching over to a properly fitted bra. All of a sudden it seemed that I had a nice waistline, which earlier was not showing. because of sagging.



Same for underwear. Wearing one with a very tight elastic will give rise to a muffin top. Even through your clothes you can see the flab. Looks pretty unsightly. So the best way is to wear hipster panties with a broad. not too tight waistband. That way it would hide the flab rather than enhance it.


So before buying your designer clothes, make sure you are are wearing well fitting lingerie.

It will make you look slimmer and more pleasing to the eye.

So,happy shopping.