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Thanks again….Creative Blogger Award.


Awards are always nice, though I find it difficult to adhere to the rules. But this time around I have been nominated by passion unbridled …https://passionunbridled.wordpress.com/

who happens to be an ex student of mine.

Can’t let her down. So, here goes.

Five random facts about me…..

1) I am friends with my kids…to an extent that I dont need friends outside.


2) I love writing poetry, especially haiku.


3) I am a Clotheshorse. I am so much in love with clothes that I have become a shopaholic


4) I love teaching. Its my profession and I love it.


5) Lastly, I am very scared of being bedridden. I know everyone is, but I have a morbid fear of not being able to move because of illness.


That was about me. I am going to nominate the following bloggers for the Creative Blogger Award…






I Think I Like Awards.


Sunday morning I got up, thinking now that the festivities of Diwali have ended, I am back to my usual life.

Glanced at my phone (Its a modest Moto G) and voila! 100 FOLLOWERS

To say I was not happy would be wrong. I was ecstatic. Though my age does not allow me to jump up and down on my bed, I did exactly that in the confines of my locked room.

Then opened my laptop to see all my followers.It was a great feeling to see that trophy blinking at me from the right hand corner of my laptop screen.

A  BIG THANK YOU to all of you. Actually its one big family I have out there.

Why did I not start writing earlier.What was I doing?.How did I stay without you guys?

Would have loved to thank each of you personally.

Wishing we have many many more years of happy blogging between us.

THANK YOU once again.

I love you all.