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Lost poetry


“where did you go?”

I asked my poetry

“you went…

in the search of greener pastures ”

she replied…


the skies


the skies

vast unending mysterious

holding dreams

and wishes

of the people

of the now


of the generations gone by

God or Nature


let no one

sleep hungry

let no one

be separated from their loved ones

let all be equal

let us die and meet our loved ones

let it be heaven

on earth and beyond

is it too much

dear God

to ask for??

for if this happens… you exist

if it doesn’t …. its was nature all along

lazy afternoon…haiku


scented balmy air

lazing in the dappled shadows

memories abound

a new world


to travel alone

to a far off destination

is my dream

for even

I don’t know

who I will be

and what would be my actions

with no one to hold me back


I won’t be a mother, daughter, sister

but just a random free soul

out to explore the

new world

approval… haiku


late night, unsettled

me active on social media

looking for approval?