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Fitness and Fashion


Looking gorgeous is not always about clothes. Yes they are an important part of your whole personality but just imagine what good clothes would do if your health is not up to the mark. No it is not about weight. Here I am talking about physical and mental health. Don’t let beauty be just skin deep.

The thought about fashion and fitness came to my mind after my 12th blog. Especially because I am in my 40’s and I always feel better about myself when I am fit and healthy and I look better too. I have a chronic joint problem and that means I have to regularly work on my fitness. So yoga is an integral part of my life along with daily walks . I also have to ensure I don’t put on weight as that would otherwise put strain on my joints and spine. I also watch what I eat though I never starve myself. The other day one of my colleagues told me that I maintain myself  because of my chronic health problem . Though I was hurt but I realized she was right. I then thought of sharing this thought with you . Don’t let illness be the reason for you to be fit. Make sensible lifestyle choices so that you don’t fall ill, the rest will follow.


Yoga can be customized according to your needs. It is a great mood elevator and being a regular ensures glowing skin.

Incorporate exercise into your life and see it rock your life. You will enjoy wearing your fashionable clothes and  will be showered with compliments.

Then your diet! Eat whatever you want but in small portions. Eat frequently , say have about small six meals a day.

Imagine wearing a dress with your love handles showing.



There are a lot of options while dressing that help us hide our unnecessary bulges. I shall discuss that later in a separate blog , but for now include exercise and a healthy diet into your lifestyle. It sure has huge benefits, both mental and physical. Set aside 30 minutes aside in a day for your exercise. While you walk,do gymming or yoga concentrate on the body part you are exercising to get the best results.  Don’t let your mind wander. I have experienced this. When you concentrate the results are better.


All this combined with a healthy diet will ensure that you have many many years of looking gorgeous.

So enjoy your fitness routine.Have your ”me time”. It surely invigorates you.



http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/health. Check out this link . It gives awesome inputs on how diet can change the way you look.

So all you beautiful people out there ,have a blast with fitness and fashion.

Autumn Dressing


Lo behold! In no time the year has gone by and here we are into the best time of the year.AUTUMN…colorful, rich ,invigorating. As the the trees turn orange, rust , yellow and red ,it is time to rejoice with color in your wardrobe. Autumn-Leaves4-620x465 As the dreary monsoon says goodbye look and feel upbeat in your bright colorful outfits. Red , orange are the new black. So all you beautiful ladies out there do add at least a hint of color to  your wardrobe and rock the look.

mona aut

mona autumngoa

These are pictures of me and my sisters and daughter on vacation in Goa. Notice my red scarf (from Hong Kong) in the earlier pic and the bright pink bag my daughter is carrying . So pleasing to the eye! I am wearing a peach kaftan in the last picture with multicoloured edges to brighten the outfit.

These small additions are my way of beating the blues.  


   In this photograph my daughter has nicely teamed a a blue top , neon pink bag with black shorts. Though not a perfect  assembly for the chill this combination can be a winner if a shrug is added to the attire.bohemian floral dress - purple print and tights with soft medium grey boots and dusty plum cardi


And the layering comes back too .Do look my post on” Playing with layers”.

More next time…xo.



Why Fashion?



I started blogging on a whim. At my age …49 yrs to be exact ,I think I have learnt a lot of activities that make me happy. One of them is dressing up and I know I have a flair as people at my workplace keep complimenting me. But that does not mean I am a fashionista! I am a doctor teaching in a medical college in Delhi. At my age I need to do things that give  happiness. Let me tell you all that having grown up children makes you free so that you can pursue what you like doing. It is a wonderful feeling when you can reach out to the world through your blog.

I am restless. Many of us are and to release that restless energy one has to do something creative. My restlessness started when I lost Snowy …my Lhasa of 13 years in April this year. He was my baby and I sorely miss him.

Other things I do to keep me happy are reading , writing and talking on the phone with my sisters. I want to uncomplicate my thoughts. Don’t want to be answerable to anybody and try to be least interfering in others lives. Fashion gives me the liberty to express myself .It doesn’t question me and is always evolving, changing. The fashion world is an enigma.

It is alive and I feel alive being a part of it!

Take a breath…


So five posts down the line I am trying to review my work. Not many suggestions, a few likes later I am thinking about how to share my self learnt fashion tricks on my blog. My small fashion tips have helped my friends and children to stand out in a crowd. So here is an attempt to benefit a larger group. My next posts shall continue to help women to bring out the best in themselves . I would appreciate more comments to enable me to serve you better.

In the end I would like to reiterate the importance of confidence in yourself as the ultimate fashion accessory. That along with a beautiful smile and high self esteem would have you conquering the world.

So kudos to a beautiful you!




Now that is one hell of a question! And the answer is of course STANDING OUT WHILE BLENDING IN. Yes you got me right. It should never look as if you have tried too hard and still something in your persona should make you look different from others. Though it is obvious that it is ones own personality that shines through, in today’s world we can also take help from clothes, makeup and accessories to bring out the best in you.

Today we talk about the sensible play of color in your attire.

First you should know which color suits you. It is not essential that a particular color suits your friend it will suit you too. So the first the basics…black and white are two colors that are truly beautiful! Black is slimming and can be worn both as an upper or lower, as a result help in adding a slimming effect to broader upper torso or heavy thighs. White on the other hand is royal and classy but should generally be worn with a contrasting darker shade.

Next step is to determine which color suits you.

Assess what you already own. Go through your closet and pick out your favorite kurtas, tops jeans etc. or the pieces that usually get you some compliments. Ask yourself what it is about these outfits that you like so much (or what it is that other people like so much). Take note of the colors of the outfits that get you maximum looks.. It may be these colors that end up looking the best on you.

Ask your family. Family usually knows best. They don’t judge you and give a true opinion. Ask your sister or mother to tell you which color suits you the most. Take them along with you to a clothes store. Try out different outfits and take their opinion.

Ask the mirror. You are your best critic.  The colors that are “your colors” will be the ones that brighten your skin tone and bring out the shine in your hair and light up your eyes.

We have either warm or cool hues of our skin. Broadly putting it yellow skin toned people look best in beiges, browns, orange, rust ,reds and creamy whites. While pink skin toned individuals are the cool hued people who look good in pinks, purple, lilac and milky whites.


Accessorize with color.

Color doesn’t have to be just on the clothing you wear, but you also can accessorize with color. Your purse can be of a bright pop color in an otherwise dull outfit. Similarly a bright scarf,bag  necklace and even your shoes are fun to play with when it comes to color. However, I recommend toning down the color of your shoe if you have a bright outfit on. When in doubt go for nude shoes. They never go wrong. Don’t overdo color. A statement neckpiece in the new neon range instantly spruces up a dull outfit.




Even red lips are a great accessory to flaunt to pep up a dull outfit.

Above are some accessories that can help to glam you up in a subtle way.

Colored bottoms.

Most of us stick to blacks or whites in Indian wear as regards lowers and to denims in western wear. But why restrict. You can multiply your options if you are ready to experiment with colored bottoms. Brighter lowers have to be complemented with tops in sober colors. One cannot wear both separates in bright contrasting colors. That way you can end up looking like a Christmas tree.



Last but not the least weather also dictates some norms on how you dress. Apart from winter,summer,rain there is also the daily changes in weather . A cloudy dreary day or a day filled with sunshine, what the day holds for us when we get up after a dreamy slumber we don’t know.It must have been a common occurrence with many of my working friends and even with the party animals who are always looking out of the window to see the weaather and decide what to wear. So here it is b! The basic mantra to follow so that u can stand out in a crowd whatever the weather, occasion or mood. Bright colours lift your mood when its  cloudy  while wearing whites and pastels is the way to go on hot sunny days

.Follow these simple tips and brace yourself for complements !

So till next time…..lots of love…xoxo!

A clean canvas…


So my dear if your self analysis is over, start now to create a clear canvas on which you can remodel yourself into someone you aspire to be. No ,that does not mean that you have to copy somebody to the hilt, it means that you have to conjure up an image of yours that you admire.

Strange as it may sound but all of us have aspirations to look, behave,emote,walk ,talk in a particular way. It is not societal pressure but something which would make us happy.


We start by mentally discarding all notions of how a woman of a particular age has to dress. We in India are too conservative in our thinking. Healthy women should only wear Indian wear while if you are slim then you can getaway with anything in your wardrobe…NOT AT ALL! One can wear whatever one likes but the basic fundamental remains that one should cover ones flaws and highlight your best features. That is what I call intelligent dressing.If you are buxom and curvaceous and are uncomfortable in public because of your bosomy physique then it is advisable to wear not too fitted clothes. You can add a stole in a flimsy fabric like Georgette or chiffon to stylishly drape around your neck. The stole should not be too short or else it would enhance rather than hide what you want to underplay.




Next we talk about the confusion about fitted versus flowy clothes. Always remember tight fitted clothes don’t make you look slimmer. If you are buxom and have more flab around the waist and thighs it would be better to wear something  flowy  and long  rather than stiff and fitted..The latter enhances your not so flattering areas.


Similarly about the length of your upper and lower separates has to be taken care of.

So till next time …enjoy!



Hello there. As we venture into the path of self discovery it becomes extremely essential to know oneself. Yes you heard me right…KNOW YOURSELF. It may sound weird but I started to know myself after the age of 30! Till then I was just wallowing in self pity and getting envious at the site of those picture perfect ,well coiffured well heeled women around me. Never could I believe that I too can be a part of that glamorous world.

So all those hidden beauties out there brace yourself up to enter a world of immense pleasure. Pleasure for which you are not dependent on anybody else.

The first step here is to firmly believe that we women are born to look beautiful and attractive…after all the that is the most essential thing for the human race to survive and multiply! Also each and every woman should first feel pretty inside and that my dear friends is the key to your makeover.

S0 dear first of all stand in front of a full size mirror in nothing but your birthday suit , in a well lit room and analyze yourself. Take notice of your physical attributes. Are you an apple , pear or banana or a perfect hourglass ? Are your legs long and slender or short and thick? Your bust and hips are extremely important when you dress .


Then of course the face type . Is it heart shaped, oval, long, triangle square or round shape?





face shapes(beautyhealthtips.in)

In short it is essential to know ones strong points as well as the not so strong ones. Half the battle is won if you are clear about these things.

Next what remains is to highlight your assets and downplay the not so perfect features.

Men, on average, tend to be attracted to women who are shorter than they are, have a youthful appearance, and exhibit features such as a symmetrical face, full breasts, full lips, and a low waist-hip ratio.

But not all are blessed with  these  attributes . One has to create a perfect picture out of what God has given you, and that  we will learn along the way!

So till the next post………Happy self analysis!