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Go Psychedelic, Graphic and Colorful this fall.


This fall ditch the blacks and browns for color. Psychedelic prints.geometric cuts.splashes of color will keep you  upbeat and beat the gloom. Invest in colorful trenches, printed bright scarves and and pop colored totes….amazing. If you are not confident of so much color add neutral pieces for your lowers. This instantly makes your outfit just right. Or you can carry forward your summer tops by teaming them up bright lowers. Sheer tops from summer can be layered with shearling jackets and cape coats to give an interesting look. There is no strict divisions between summer and winter wear if you layer sensibly. And on the flip side your Summer Capsule wardrobe can be carried forward into winter.



Layer the sheers for a sexy winter look.



Graphic coats are the new fashion trend.


Go pop colored with the accessories.


So spruce up your wardrobe with color this fall.



The Traveling Fashionista.


Chic comfy traveling fashion is what we all desire.Now this is a simple guide on fashion while actually you are on the move! Once you reach your destination , these strict rules can be relaxed a little.
Right from shoes. to your hair, small things matter that make your trip comfortable and make you look chic and hep at the same time.


Wear flats obviously with a great sole that has a good grip. Closed shoes are a must as that prevents all the dirt from getting to your feet. You can go with good sports shoes, but for me I like nude ballerinas with a good sole. They are easy to slip on and off, look good and go with everything. You can also wear nice sport shoes with a great arch.



My latest fashion fixation is pajama pants. With an elastic waistband and loose fit they are oh so comfy. No buttons no zippers ….pure bliss. The best part is that they come in all types of fabrics now including denim.



Need. I say much about that? Any upper in a wrinkle free fabric, dark colors, comfortable fit …that’s it. I prefer carrying a stylish stole for those oh so cold airports. Also u can have a good snooze inside it.


Moisturize moisturize moisturize…that and a nude makeup which is mainly concealer based. That looks the best. A light colored gloss and u r good to go. Dont forget a waterproof mascara to make your eyes look wide open and awake. I personally like to add color with the help a rose tinted blusher. ( Again , the pics!!!)

Dont forget the mini makeup must haves.Refer:





Freshly washed ,neatly tied is the way to go. I prefer a blow dry before setting out as it gives me neat look and stays for a long time. That is also important as we need to look good in photographs too:)


Carry a cross sling bag for comfort ,with a lot of zipper pockets for safety. Carry a black or a brown bag in n faux leather so that it is easy on maintenance. Multiple zippers ensure compartmentalization and make it easy to locate your stuff.




Wear a simple yet chic neck-piece that can easily be removed . I don’t wear earrings as I find them uncomfortable, bot if you must wear ones with a clasp so that they don’t poke you while you doze off while traveling.

A simple watch with a metal strap is all that you need. Don’t overdo the accessories. Wear just one classy , comfortable piece.

Following are some pictures from my travel diary.

At the airport.


With my daughter.



With the Gods at Madurai.


Had awesome coconut water.


At the sheep farm at Kodaikanal.



I had a wonderful trip with all my basic traveling stuff in place. Would definitely list a capsule wardrobe for traveling later. Till then…ENJOY.



P.S. All photos by my son Vidur.

Loving your 40’s.


What is it about being in your 40’s that is so magical? For me my forties rock. Why?

I have stability, both emotional and material. I know my weaknesses and strengths. There is less responsibility.  I know my spouse, have no relationship insecurity. My wardrobe staples are in place and my capsule wardrobe is updated, I know my makeup essentials and I know which colors bring out the best in me.There is no peer pressure to be part of any group. Oh, I love my 40’s. I can dare to make my fashion choices and know  that I can get away with murder 🙂

So  my friend  here is a friendly advice to you…
Make the most of your 40’s as you are not that young but not too old either. Actually it is that time of your life when you can have best of both the world’s. It is not surprising that most known fashionistas are in their 40’s and are enjoying the best phase of their lives. Think Victoria Beckham , Kate Moss, Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston. So gear up sister…we have the world at our feet.

A simple mantra I follow...






Wear a good FABRIC with great FALL and FIT. Have a great FOUNDATION by wearing the right lingerie and perfect make up and FOCUS on your strong points. When you are young a simple T shirt and grunge clothing can look awesome but in our Forties  we need to be aware of these Five F’s and look FAB.





Invest in key classy pieces that can never go wrong. Wear comfortable outfits so that you enjoy what you wear. Actually at this age just shop from known fashion houses, read about the trends these wonderful women follow and lo behold you are a chic forty year old who knows her mind and is raring to go.




Go minimal this week.


There are phases in my fashion choices from time to time . This  week my fashion mantra is ”Less Is More”. It is classy and chic. But every look requires effort. So l shall share with you the simple basics of how to rock this look.

1) Makeup.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize. These basics of make up are followed the world around. To go minimal in makeup it is essential to have a clean neat look. Makeup should be light and for that a clean slate is required. Not much drama in the form of dark eyes or loud lips.


Cleanse well especially the inner corner of your eyes and tone and moisturize before starting makeup. Makeup should be nude or have just a hint of color. A hint of blush and some mascara should suffice.

2) Less jewellery.

Just go with the classy studs you have in your ”Must Haves” .You can either skip the neckpiece or wear a thin silver gold chain to highlight your neckline. Dual toned jewellery is in and goes with everything.


You can also just skip the earrings .This look is feminine and girly.

The hair should be freshly washed and preferably blow dryed to carry this look with elan. You can simply make a bun if there is no time for a blow dry.


3) About clothes.

Wear clothes with clean lines  and less of layering .Too much volume in your clothes adds bulk. The fabric should  be of good quality and should drape well. Your clothes should have a silhouette but should not be skin tight. Also wear a dress that is a shade below the knees and not too short.



Solid colors like black. white and beige look best in minimalistic dressing.

Avoid bold prints.

4) Footwear.

Have a minimalist shoe wardrobe? I think it is a must. Wear simple shoes in a good condition to add to your minimal look.


5) Accessories.

A nude tote or over sized clutch is ideal. You can also carry  a big black envelope clutch. Keep it simple and clutter free.


A dual toned watch and dark shades should complete the look.

So go minimalistic this week. Its like meditation. Pure ,clean and free of confusion.

                                                      Be Happy Always.


Wardrobe woes…How to manage a working girls closet.


That is a universal problem I bet. Every morning staring at my overflowing wardrobe and at the same time staring at the watch ,has become the norm. I am sure the same is true for most of us.I had to device a quick fix for that , so that I don’t leave home exhausted. Following is my easy to do mantra.

1) Have a capsule wardrobe.

Focus on buying good quality staple pieces that never go out of fashion. These may differ from person to person . My capsule wardrobe is as follows:

Nude or beige upper.

A white shirt or top.

Black uppers.

Black lowers.

Navy lowers.

Little black dress.

A nice black trench coat.

A pair of beige flats.

A pair of silver flats.

A pair of ballet flats.

A pair of black pumps.

A pair of boots.

A daily wear neck piece.

A statement necklace.

A pair of studs in silver and gold. I have diamond earrings in gold. They go mostly with everything.

Silver and gold hoops for the evening.

A pair of chandelier earrings.

A black and a multicolored stole.

A nice diamante watch.

Morning Clutch or tote in nude.

Evening Clutch in black and gold.( black goes with silver outfits too)


2) Plan in advance for the whole week.

I do that most of the time. If possible ,I do plan what I have to wear each day of the week on Sunday. It saves my time and the mornings are less hurried. I also decide the accessories if they are going to be different for some particular outfit. Mostly I change my neck-pieces, but my bag and slippers remain the same during the day, at least for one week.

3) Try your outfits beforehand.

Now this has saved me many a time from being embarrassed because of a zipper gone wrong or for instance  a tear on my leggings. Sometimes you can improvise your outfit if you try it beforehand.

4) Have an inventory.

This is applicable if you have too many key pieces like I do. I also write down the various looks I can create with my staple pieces. Again I save a lot of time because of this.

5) Have your ”must have” make up kit ready and and updated.

Also keep your evening and night make up items separate from your daily essentials. Things like shimmery eye shadow, illuminator and dark blushers should be in a separate kit.

6)  Have some items to add drama to your outfit always at hand.

A blingy necklace, a cocktail ring, a quirky bag are some ideas of adding some drama to your attire.





7) Red lipstick

Another instant pick me up essential. My personal favorite is M.A.C. Russian Red Matte.

It adds enough drama to make heads turn.

So girl, get going and plan your capsule wardrobe.

Till next time…