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Fresh and dewy make up.


It seems like forever, that my quest for wearing something other than the bright pinks and reds on my lips, will ever end. I always envied the classy nude looks on the ramp. Growing up, ( remember I’m in my 40’s) meant dressing up like my mommy. Those were the seventies. That meant oxblood lips and dark kohled eyes.

Now even autumn calls for a naturally nude look. It took me years to realize that there is a different nude for everybody. It adds sophistication, class and color instantly. It is no longer mandatory to look made up. On the contrary the trend is to look unmade up. So how do you use make up for a no make up look?

1) CTM

Cleanse Tone Moisturise These are the basics.

2) Apply an under eye concealer.

Usually a yellow toned concealer is great to counter the under eye dark circles.

I use Kryolan 303 for under eye cover up.

makeupand beauty.com

3) Now cover up with Kryolan base.

I use Kryolan 28.

Apply base all over the face and set with a wet sponge.

Now the face is set for you to work upon.

4) Apply kajal and mascara.

5) Apply a natural blush on the apples of the cheeks to give a natural glow.

6) Wear a nude lipstick in a shade that suits your skin tone.

nude pencil


I use nude colored lip pencil on my lips instead of a proper lipstick, as it has better staying power .

It is not essential to wear an absolut nude color. You can mix it with a orange or a pink tone to add some color to your face.

Apply some shimmer on the centre of the lips to add some glamour.

nude makeup

This is me in my nude make up look.