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Go minimal this week.


There are phases in my fashion choices from time to time . This  week my fashion mantra is ”Less Is More”. It is classy and chic. But every look requires effort. So l shall share with you the simple basics of how to rock this look.

1) Makeup.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize. These basics of make up are followed the world around. To go minimal in makeup it is essential to have a clean neat look. Makeup should be light and for that a clean slate is required. Not much drama in the form of dark eyes or loud lips.


Cleanse well especially the inner corner of your eyes and tone and moisturize before starting makeup. Makeup should be nude or have just a hint of color. A hint of blush and some mascara should suffice.

2) Less jewellery.

Just go with the classy studs you have in your ”Must Haves” .You can either skip the neckpiece or wear a thin silver gold chain to highlight your neckline. Dual toned jewellery is in and goes with everything.


You can also just skip the earrings .This look is feminine and girly.

The hair should be freshly washed and preferably blow dryed to carry this look with elan. You can simply make a bun if there is no time for a blow dry.


3) About clothes.

Wear clothes with clean lines  and less of layering .Too much volume in your clothes adds bulk. The fabric should  be of good quality and should drape well. Your clothes should have a silhouette but should not be skin tight. Also wear a dress that is a shade below the knees and not too short.



Solid colors like black. white and beige look best in minimalistic dressing.

Avoid bold prints.

4) Footwear.

Have a minimalist shoe wardrobe? I think it is a must. Wear simple shoes in a good condition to add to your minimal look.


5) Accessories.

A nude tote or over sized clutch is ideal. You can also carry  a big black envelope clutch. Keep it simple and clutter free.


A dual toned watch and dark shades should complete the look.

So go minimalistic this week. Its like meditation. Pure ,clean and free of confusion.

                                                      Be Happy Always.