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I love it. The charm of silver jewellery! You can never go wrong with huge silver baali ‘s, a silver choker, a horde of silver bangles….
Whenever you want to uplift a simple outfit, just add a chunky silver piece. It has the old world charm along with the modern quirkiness. Also a big silver cocktail ring adds a lot of fun to your look.
Not to mention that the oxidised look in silver is more attractive than the shiny look.
It has the modern with the old world charm. Silver accessories go well with Indian, Western and fusion wear.
So girls… go silver!!!!!



Hi folks!
I am back with another easy and simple lift me up idea!!!!
A very simple and classy way to lift a boring outfit is by a statement neckpiece. A black outfit can be beautifully adorned with a chunky silver necklace … Also a beige outfit can be complimented by a black statement piece. There is absolutely no need to fret on how to spice up your look. A simple black choker necklace can add a beautiful goth look to a staid attire. The choices are endless . You can also be daring and wear a multicoloured statement piece with coloured stones and crystals for a night out.
So go girl… pep up your outfit at no extra cost… mix and match and see the admirers line up.
Till next time…have fun and stay beautiful!!!!

The Scarf story.


Hi folks! My blog started with fashion and things like poetry and photography followed. But the urge to share my personal fashion tips is back again!
Today I am going to talk about the power of scarves….yessss!!!!
A nice scarf can totally transform your look. A plain one with a printed outfit, a printed multicoloured scarf to pep up a boring dress, and of course a clash of prints for a bohemian look . The choices are endless. We also can change the material of the scarf according to the clothes. A scarf in pure silk instantly adds class!
Then there are summer scarves and winter stoles. The bulky winter woollen stoles add warmth and lend a lot of fun to your attire! Hey can also be used to beat the winter chill.
The summer scarves on the other hand help add color and style to an otherwise dull outfit.
And lastly folks who can deny the beauty of the different ways of draping a stole!!!!! But then that’s a long story and will be dealing with it later.
So guys…. funk it up with a classic scarf….
Will be posting pictures in the next post .
Till then…. have fun!!!!!

Wearing color



I love this green necklace….it’s beauty is more because of the silver pendant. I am wearing a kota dupatta with a white chikankari Kurta…Love the combo.

Scary Fashion


I started out with this blog with the aim of writing about fashion, especially fashion for women above 40. But p[poetry took an upper hand and started writing haiku. So, what has brought me back to writing about fashion?

It was when I opened a fashion magazine today and I literally got scared and flabbergasted at the thin gaunt faces staring out at me from the glossy covers. Is that what fashion is about/ Tall, thin, scraggly women are being treated as clothes hangers. In fact they don’t look like women anymore. They are like objects…used to showcase outrageous clothes that are being churned out by designers.

Not even make up can save them.

They are anorexic.


I wish I could change this mindset.

Thanks again….Creative Blogger Award.


Awards are always nice, though I find it difficult to adhere to the rules. But this time around I have been nominated by passion unbridled …https://passionunbridled.wordpress.com/

who happens to be an ex student of mine.

Can’t let her down. So, here goes.

Five random facts about me…..

1) I am friends with my kids…to an extent that I dont need friends outside.


2) I love writing poetry, especially haiku.


3) I am a Clotheshorse. I am so much in love with clothes that I have become a shopaholic


4) I love teaching. Its my profession and I love it.


5) Lastly, I am very scared of being bedridden. I know everyone is, but I have a morbid fear of not being able to move because of illness.


That was about me. I am going to nominate the following bloggers for the Creative Blogger Award…






Wear Sneakers for Comfort.


My latest fashion fixation is comfort with style. Now that I am nearing 50, I want to be super comfortable and stylish at the same time, without looking weird. I have lately started travelling a lot. So, the endless airports and the long exploration walks in a new city does take a toll on my feet. So, I am trying to wear sneakers with most of my outfits.

Here are some of the ways you can wear sneakers with almost everything.







The key is to be confident and carry the look with style.


P.S. All pictures are from google images.

Comfort Dressing in Winter.


I am really fond of long sweaters in winter. As opposed to the coats and jackets, they are more comfortable…not restricting at all. Here I am wearing a long blue sweater, a navy blurred print dress, navy tights and navy boots. I have added a floral tropical scarf for added warmth and style.

Whatever I am wearing has a lot of stretch, and is super soft. I for one, need really soft and non tight clothes for comfort.