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Lets Talk Fitness



With winter pretty much here,it is obvious that I am overeating. Now there are a number of weddings that I have to attend. So,all the layering which I talk about will have to go. Though in winters ,it is easy to hide unwanted  bulges under layers, it is difficult when you have to wear an outfit without hiding under the bulky clothes.Also, fitness and fashion go hand in hand.A fit body is always a pleasure to dress up. Here are some basics that I follow as a routine.(Though I have cheated for the past month)

 1) Metabolism

Now some people can get away with whatever they eat, as they have a fast metabolism. As we age, the metabolism slows down, and we tend to burn less calories compared to when we were younger. So, as we age we should accordingly reduce our food consumption and the type of food we eat. No more high calorie foods .

2) Frequent meals

This is a mantra I swear by. Having 5-6 small meals a day rather than 3 heavy meals is a better option . It revs up the metabolism even at rest.

3) Roughage

Gorge on roughage. Fruits,oats, dalia and brown rice are amazing. I for instance have replaced my morning breakfast of bread and eggs, with oats with almonds and seasoning it with elaichi powder. I sweeten it with Splenda. It tastes good. You can try your hand at similar recipes which are nutritious and low cal.

Even for lunch, I have salty dalia or plain roti and sabzi.

It is obvious that sweet and oily food should be avoided. That does not mean that you should totally ban it from your diet. Have it during the day if you must and avoid it after lunch.

4) Early dinner

This is one thing that I really find hard to follow. But this really helps.If you must have something late at night ,have a homemade soup or a fruit.

5) Exercise

Now this is important but 90% of what you are is what you eat. Exercise revs up the metabolism,makes you flexible, makes you feel positive and tones the body up.

It also helps in losing weight to some extent.

For me I am a huge fan of yoga. Though I add a bit of walking into my daily schedule too, but my knees don’t allow much of walking. Choose your favorite form of exercise, and devote at least half an hour to it daily. Make sure that you wear the proper footwear and clothes for whatever activity you plan to do. That helps in making up the mood for exercise . Focus while exercising.Don’t let the mind wander. For some reason this hastens your weight loss.

6) Be consistent.

7) Moderation is the key.

It is important to know your fitness target. Age, body built and  state of health are all important factors to take into account before embarking on the journey to fitness. Don’t set unreasonable goals. e.g. A fifty year old woman cannot have the same physique as a 20 yr old. So be clear about your limitations.

It is important not to overdo your fitness efforts. Don’t wear yourself out.

I am going to diligently follow this from today.

Wish me luck:)

Have a cheat meal once a week to satiate your taste buds.

I will keep posting on my progress from time to time!

Happy fitness!

Hey Girl, Are you S.A.D.? Ten ways to uplift your mood.


Sad? Blame it on the weather! Yes it is that time of the year when the sunny summer is gradually giving way to autumn. Less sun, shorter days and a nip in the air may dull your spirits. That is what is called the Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) Though it may really be severe in some people, most of us just feel the listlessness because of less sun.Of course for us women it may also be because it is that time of the month! But do not let your spirits down. There is a way to get over it. So here are some of my fool proof ways to get over the seasonal blues.

1) Go out in the sun.

Put your sunblock on and step out in the sun. Strangely the indoors become extremely dreary at this time of the year.Take it as a nice opportunity to flaunt those designer shades. Not to mention the Vitamin D you get from venturing out .


2) Do some form of exercise.

Be it a walk in the park, swimming or a nice run around the block. Any form of exercise will make you feel better especially if it is an outdoor activity.Exercise releases the happy hormones called the endorphins which elevate your mood.



Yoga is also a great mood elevator. Try doing laughter yoga with friends. Laughter is so infectious that you will laugh your blues away.


3) Eat right, Eat often.

Chocolate,carbs,bananas,tea,spinach and leafy greens,walnuts, oily fish like salmon and fruits all help in relieving stress and help in alleviating depression.



Make sure you are not consuming processed carbs like pizzas, burgers etc.These cause the blood sugar levels to plummet thus causing cravings.

Have 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones.

Add to it lots of water and you are good to go.

All these foods maintain your blood sugar levels and keep you happy ,not to mention the added advantage of helping maintain your weight!

4) Wear color.

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions. – Pablo Picasso
Colors are known to have a great effect on mood. There is a separate branch known as Color Psychology.



Wear Blue for relaxation.Red for romance and Purple for creativity.

So now go girl you have another reason to wear what you want .

5) Wear Red nail paint.

I personally love red nail paint. If your workplace is conservative, at least paint your toe nails red if not your fingers.



6) Get a blow dry.

For me that is the ultimate mood lifter. The lure of a good blow dry is hard to miss. With coiffed hair not much goes into getting ready and you definitely need less makeup.

7) Stay around happy people.


Need I say more?

8) Indulge in some Retail Therapy. (Emotional Shopping)

Hit the stores and the malls with your favorite gal pals….go shopping! But in moderation. You go overboard and you swing right back into depression.


9) Hear good music.

Music is uplifting.For instance I love all Maroon 5 tracks.

10) Watch a funny movie.

The whole exercise of getting ready and going to the movies with your friends is awesome. You get out, you dress up and you see people around having a good time. All this is pretty infectious and makes you come out of the dumps.

That was my list of things I do to make myself happy. What about you gorgeous people out there? I invite more suggestions so that we can have a separate post with all of your ideas and names featuring there. BUCK UP.

Waiting for your inputs.

Be happy always.


Me to You.


There is so much in common yet different between all of us. As I sit and write my post , I can’t help but be fascinated by the the fact that we all are one big family. Whatever the country, caste or ethnicity , human nature doesn’t change. All mothers feel the same about the children, all women want to look attractive, all families want to remain close knit.So whatever you do , wherever you live, the one common need for all us mortals is to be at peace with oneself. So I am going to share with you what I do to keep calm.



Yes , all of you should indulge in some ”ME” time.If you google this term you would come across several articles that suggest ”Me” time activities. They tell you to schedule your ”Me” time.WHAT? Activities for me time? I find it ridiculous! For me my Me time is about doing nothing, having no schedule or activities to follow. Every week take out a couple of hours where you go incognito. No cell phones, laptops , children, friends or family. Just connect with yourself.Doing nothing

So this weekend enjoy your own company .

Remember you don’t have to anything. Just be yourself with yourself.

Love you all. xoxo

Fashionista on the go!


I love to travel. As you all know I have a day job (I am a doctor,professor teaching in a medical college) and I have kids. So I am generally short of time.  Travelling for leisure frequently means besides clothes you also have to be neat , manicured and and so called maintained at all times. Here I am going to list a few items that I always have ready in a travelling kit. So here goes…

  1. An eyebrow plucker.

2. Plain / magnifying  looking make up mirror.

It is a great help when plucking your brows or touching up your makeup.

3.Nail filer.

4.Foot scraper

To maintain your feet after those long walks.

5. A Razor.

Yes you got me right. It is really embarrassing to find out that you have hair on your arms , legs etc. especially like me if you      are practically blind without spectacles.It helps that they  in lovely colors especially for women.

6. Nasal hair trimmer.

One of the most useful gadget I have bought.

6. Walking shoes.

Though not a part of the grooming kit , it deserves a mention in your travelling must haves.

I think I don’t need to explain that. Walk your way to fitness after binging on the amazing food. If travelling by train I used to      get down at stations and walk up and down the platform in case the halt was for 10 minutes or more.

Add to this, quick fashion fixes ,as mentioned in my earlier post of the same  name and there you are.

Happy travelling.

So thats my list. Feel free to add to it.

Waiting for your inputs.


Stretch and Breathe your way to Fitness.


Yes ,it is simple and invigorating. I am a regular with yoga but there are days it is difficult to go through the entire one and a half  hour routine. For those days I have a 15 minute yoga workout that energizes me and is so relaxing.

First and foremost switch off your mobile phone, television and laptop.Instruct household members not to disturb you for at least 20 minutes.


We all breathe, but fail to  inhale and exhale fully. In yoga breathing techniques are called  it is called Pranayam.Even if you cant follow the the perfect method , just sit relaxed in a chair, close your eyes and just breathe. Feel the air going in and out of your lings.

Do this for 3- 4 minutes. This replenishes your oxygen levels.


Our necks and shoulders are in a constant state of strain. Hence it makes sense to do these neck exercises on a daily basis.



These are deskercises actually i.e. something you can do sitting at your desk also.

To be done for 3 minutes.


1) Shavasana or the Corpse Pose.

Lie down still with your eyes closed and inhaling through your nose and  exhaling completely. Feel the body relaxing starting from the toes upwards.

Lie in this [position for 3-4 minutes.

2) Next is spine twisting while lying down supine.


Do this 5 times each side.

3) Pawanmuktasana or the wind releasing pose.

Known as the wind releasing pose or the Pawanmuktasana. This pose is extremely good for stomach problems. Make sure to press down the bend knees onto your stomach and simultaneously exhale. It helps in reducing belly fat.

4) Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose

The Cobra Pose helps in strengthening  the back and the spine.

Do 5 repetitions of this.

5) Makrasana or the Crocodile Pose.


This pose is excellent for the spine. Rest in this position for another 2 – 3 minutes.

Do these exercise for a total of 15 to 20 minutes and see your physical and mental health improve.

So dearies breathe right and stretch for a healthy you.



Effortless Fashion.


Fashion should be effortless, comfortable and mind blowing. It should come naturally and easily to you. No stress , no worries , only simple pleasure.This was something I always wished for as a young girl. I always thought that it was impossible. Being born as a thin scraggly girl I always looked up to my mother who looked absolutely beautiful each and every day. It was then I started observing her and mentally formed a list of ”to do” things . Things that would help me metamorphose into someone people would complement and help me hold my own in the big beautiful world of fashion. So here goes.


In the hearts of hearts  you know what suits you What color, fabric, style  brings out the best in your persona.Refer to my post titled I Me,Myself. This is of utmost importance if you don’t want to fill your wardrobe with clothes that don’t flatter you.



Invest in pieces that have been around for a long time and will stay for a long time to come. Refer to my post ”The must haves.” Anything in black , nude and white when put together generally is a safe bet. You can go adventurous with statement necklaces, cocktail rings ,bracelets and funky belts. Add to it  a classy bag , nice watch and you are good to go.



This is something that has always held me in good stead. Imagine that you have to rush to a function at short notice and you are a mess after a sleepless  night and a long day at work. No time for the parlor and a blow dry. When I am faced with such a crisis I have a basic make up kit ready.   Invest in a good concealer, foundation, eye liner, mascara, blush on and highlighter. Make sure you take the help of a professional . As for me , I actually joined a self grooming class for about 15 days. It was just an hour a day and my my how it helped me!! Also buy  hairstyling products ( AGAIN TAKE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE) ,a good hair dryer and an  ironing rod .


Will surely come up on a detailed post on this.


Now that is something we generally undermine the importance of.

These famous words by Jane Austen are so true. How would you like unkempt nails,dry rough hair, unplucked brows,ill stitched clothes, torn shoes and a dry flaky skin. Fashion is not about clothes and make up only. It is always to see a man or a woman neatly turned out. Make this a habit. There should be no need for you to run for a parlor just before a party. At least the basic neatness and cleanliness should be a part of your daily routine. More on this later.


I have already talked about fitness and fashion in my last blog. A fit body is a fashionable body. So put on your running shoes and run on the road to fitness.


Need I say more!

Lastly smile and remember to be yourself.smile

So my lovely people ,incorporate all of this into your life and see how effortless fashion can be!

Remember you are unique.

Love you all!